When someone mentions the words “Mexican food” to me, I immediately think of a dish that is comprised primarily of corn and beans. Of course, there are many other ingredients in Mexican food, but these two stick in my mind as the primary ones. I have always loved the taste of Mexican food, but only ate it occasionally as it didn’t settle all that well in my stomach.

panang curry

Tonight, I’m making a real crowd pleaser for dinner … my special panang curry recipe.    For those of you who love thai food as my entire family does, this dish is so simple and easy to make, why bother sitting in a restaurant when you can make it at your leisure at home with quality ingredients?

I’ve spent a good part of the weekend at a soccer tournament, so cooking was really the last thing I had time for.   This evening, with three very hungry kids, I decided to whip up the eternal favorite for dinner:  pizza made with homemade pizza crust.

There really aren’t any decent pizza crusts that can be purchased at the store at the moment.