Fit kitchen

By Fitness Editor Paula Jager CSCS

Fall is here, no doubt about it even here in sunny Florida, and I am getting into the swing of the seasonal shift in culinary pleasures in my personal fit kitchen.  It was an enjoyable but extremely busy summer.  If you follow the fitness posts on this blog,

seasoning salt recipeA basic seasoning salt recipe is made by blending together a base of salt with a carefully chosen selection of herbs and spices. It is an absolute must in the kitchen of every Traditional Cook.

The problem with conventional seasoned salt blends sold in supermarkets is that highly processed white salt is used as the base with ersatz,

Southern Recipes

By Fitness Editor Paula Jager, CSCS Owner of Crossfit Jaguar

Winters in Florida may be milder than the rest of the country but that’s not to say our culinary habits don’t go through seasonal changes. On cold days–especially busy weekends at home nothing takes the chill off better than smelling something delightful that’s been simmering in the oven all day.

Editor’s Note:  If bone marrow is not a food you’ve had the pleasure of trying before (it’s insanely delicious), take a quick peak at this video lesson on bone marrow which will show you how to easily obtain and cook this nutrient dense Sacred Food that is a huge boost to the immune system!  

Pork meatballsMy kids are in love with the pork meatballs I make with quality pastured meat I obtain from a local farm. This tasty, nutrient dense meat comes from happy pigs that are free to run around outside in the sunshine. Pastured pigs that are exposed to UVB rays produce lots of vitamin D which is stored in the lard.

sloppy joes recipe

In my experience, fermented food is one aspect of Traditional Diets that is difficult to consistently incorporate into family meals with young children in the home.

Fermented beverages aren’t too difficult as they are typically tasty, fizzy and delightful.

Probiotic rich, digestion soothing fermented foods,

bread crusts

Do you find yourself wasting bread crusts or feeding them to the chickens, ducks or other birds in the backyard?

This is not a very frugal strategy considering the high price of a quality loaf of bread these days.

A quality loaf of properly prepared sourdough or sprouted bread is going to set you back somewhere between 5-10 US$.