dairy free fermentationIn my latest eBook Real Food Fermentation Favorites, I discuss the history and enormous benefits of consuming fermented foods and beverages on a regular basis. Many recipes are provided with guidance on which ones are best for particular health challenges.

You may have noticed that many traditional fermentation recipes recommend raw whey as the probiotic starter culture.

pickled garlicIf you peruse the most popular pickled garlic recipes on the internet, nearly every single one contains vinegar and/or sugar. Even more problematic, the instructions frequently suggest using white vinegar and refined sugar.

Both of these ingredients are almost always GMO frankenfoods at least in North America! The vinegar is derived from glyphosate laced GMO corn and the white sugar usually from Roundup Ready GMO sugarbeets.

probiotic cottage cheeseIn the Western world, cottage cheese is nearly synonymous with dieting and all things related to the pursuit of skinny.

Cottage cheese is typically served with sliced fruit on top as an ultra low calorie meal. It’s been the poster child for losing weight since the lowfat dogma of the 1960s took hold and escorted Westerners down a path to even greater weight and health challenges.

kefir healthier than yogurtI was chatting with a neighbor recently about her first attempt at culturing a quart of yogurt on the counter at room temperature. This is tricky to pull off unlike kefir, which is easily cultured raw on the counter.

Not surprisingly, the end result was soupy. The culture didn’t seem to “take”

super raw foodsAt the annual Wise Traditions Conference, many attendees enjoy delicious traditionally based meals including the wonders of super raw food, aka fermented fruits and vegetables, for the very first time.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, home food preservation was accomplished without the aid of canning, refrigeration or freezing with lacto-fermentation the common technique employed to store raw foods for consumption during times of scarcity or the winter months.

fluoride in kombuchaMy friends Will and Susan Revak, founders of OraWellness, recently wrote a thoughtful article on their concerns about excessive fluoride in kombucha. The research they uncovered convinced them that the best course of action was to stop drinking this traditional beverage entirely, both commercial kombucha and home brewed.

lacto fermented coleslawI just love coleslaw, or slawwww as we say in the South.

Basic slaw, German slaw, Asian slaw – you name it.   It’s all yummy to me.

The primary ingredient of coleslaw is shredded raw cabbage. Unfortunately, as any woman who has breastfed knows, for those first few months,