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How to Make Broth from Bonito Flakes (Quick Fish Stock)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist May 30, 2014

Bonito Flakes“Fish stock will cure anything

Good broth will resurrect the dead”  

 ~ South American proverbs

Fish broth made from bonito flakes is an easy, fast and highly economical stock.

It is delicious to sip alone or as a base for soup as used traditionally in Japanese cuisine.

I personally feel that fish stock is a must to teach your children before they leave home. It is so easy to make, and absolutely the fastest of all traditional broths.

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Stretch Your Real Food Budget Using the French Art of Remouillage

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist January 3, 2014

The Culinary Arts Dictionary defines the French word remouillage as “a weak stock made by resimmering bones that have been used to make stock once already.”

Indeed, this is exactly what remouillage is:  a rewetting or remoistening of soup bones that have already served their purpose with a previous batch of bone broth or stock (not to be confused with meat stock).

Despite the fact that my Father’s side of the family is French and I’ve been an avid stock maker for over 10 years, I’d never actually practiced the art of remouillage until a year or so ago.  It’s not that I hadn’t heard about it before.

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Italian Vegetable Soup (No Stock or Broth Needed)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist September 5, 2013

Italian vegetable soup

Let’s face it.  Despite the best planning and organization, sometimes the freezer can be (gasp) completely empty of the most basic of traditional cooking items:  homemade bone broth, also sometimes referred to as stock.

It happens to me, and I’m sure it has happened to you too!

And, true to Murphy’s Law for Traditional Cooks, the very same day you are out of homemade stock, the family will clamor for soup for dinner.

Virtually guaranteed.

Am I right people?

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Gelatin and Collagen Hydrolysate: What’s the Difference?

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist August 19, 2013

Gelatin and collagen hydrolysate

By Catherine Crow, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at Butter Nutrition

Gelatin (also known as cooked collagen) is a wonder food with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities, as it helps to fill in the missing amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) in the standard American diet.

According to Ray Peat, PhD, “The degenerative and inflammatory diseases can often be corrected by the use of gelatin-rich foods” (source).

One of the greatest benefits of using gelatin is to help balance our amino acid intake. Because collagen makes up approximately 50% of the whole animal, gelatin can be used to help create a more complete protein balance in our diet. The standard American diet tends to be very high in muscle meats (such as beef, chicken, lamb and turkey), which when not balanced by other proteins (such as eggs, fish, dairy, shellfish, organ meats) can contribute to inflammation over time (source).

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Pork Broth: The Delicious Stock You’ve Probably Never Tried

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 15, 2013

Pork StockMaking homemade bone broth is arguably one of the most important techniques a Traditional Cook must incorporate into the kitchen routine on a very frequent basis.

I make stock almost every week, not just because our family flies through quarts of it so quickly, but also because keeping a ready supply of mineral and gelatin rich broth in the freezer for when illness unexpectedly hits is important in order to facilitate rapid recovery without meds.

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