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Grain Free Nut Butter Brownies

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist April 1, 2014

grain free brownies_mini

In my opinion, the brownie is hands down the most important American contribution to the world of pastries. I typically make brownies for my family using sprouted flour (recipe here), but I have gotten into the routine of making them grain free with whatever sprouted nut butter I have on hand of late.

These grain free brownies are crazy good and I am in full anticipation of a lot of email love floating into my inbox from those of you who try them!

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Grain Free Granola (Nutola)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist February 24, 2014


One of the more popular articles on this blog is No Granola is Good Granola which outlines why granola or muesli made with rolled oats or other grains is not only very indigestible but potentially harming your long term gut health – possibly even contributing to autoimmune disease like allergies or worse.  Even homemade granola made with soaked or sprouted oats is not a very digestible choice at all which initially can come as a shock to granola lovers who thought it was a healthfood.

I don’t like to point out problems without also providing a solution if possible.  For you granola fans out there, here is a grain free granola recipe from San Diego Weston A. Price Chapter Leader Kim Schuette and founder of BioDynamic Wellness and that should satisfy that hankering for a bowl of granola without compromising your digestive function.

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A Peek Inside a Busy Woman’s Fit Kitchen

by Fitness Editor Paula Jager, CSCS Owner of Crossfit Jaguar November 3, 2013

Busy woman's fit kitchen

By Fitness Editor Paula Jager CSCS

Fall is here, no doubt about it even here in sunny Florida, and I am getting into the swing of the seasonal shift in culinary pleasures.  It was an enjoyable but extremely busy summer.  If you follow the fitness posts on this blog, you may know we moved our CrossFit box to a new location and have experienced some serious growing pains along with the trials and tribulations of the construction process.  All good.

Whether you’ve experienced something similar or have 12 children we are ALL busy in our lives and everyday frenzied pace.  So what do we do — buy Swanson fake chicken broth, use processed vegetable oil and hit the drive-thru? Of course not but how does one keep up with or maintain the healthy traditional diet for ourselves and families in these light of these busy times along with keeping up our fitness?  It ain’t easy but I’d like to share my tips and recipes and hear about yours. . .

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Homemade Seasoning Salt (Holiday Gift Idea)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist October 27, 2013

Homemade Seasoning Salt

Seasoning salt is made by blending together a base of salt with a carefully chosen selection of herbs and spices. It is an absolute must in the kitchen of every Traditional Cook.

The problem with conventional seasoned salt blends sold in supermarkets is that highly processed white salt is used as the base with ersatz, neurologically damaging flavorings like MSG frequently added.

Quality seasoning salts use only the finest sea salt containing over 50 (and in some sea salts, more than 80) beneficial minerals blended with organic herbs and spices which eliminates the need to artificially boost the flavor with chemicals or additives. These blends are typically rather pricey, however.

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Coconut Ghee: The Best of Both Worlds

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 13, 2013

Choosing the right fat for cooking and baking is absolutely essential to the overall success of a dish – not just in how it tastes, but how you feel after eating it.

Restaurants and bakeries today overwhelmingly use polyunsaturated vegetable fats which should never be heated at all let alone used for cooking or baking.  Unless cold pressed, these factory fats are already rancid in the bottle right off the store shelf, and even if a cold pressed oil is used, the oil is destroyed and full of free radicals by the time the food it is cooked with is served up on your plate.

Cooking requires fats that will maintain their integrity when heated and nourish the body rather than burden it with toxins.

For these reasons, both coconut oil and ghee have been perennial favorites in my kitchen for years.

Coconut Ghee Sidebar

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