Monday Mania 3/12/2012

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist March 11, 2012

Welcome to Monday Mania, a health and wellness carnival where Real Foodies who blog come together to link up their popular posts.

These posts might be Real Food recipes, Book Reviews, Natural Remedies, or Green Home Tips. They might even be a blogger’s take on a media health report, a videoblog, podcast, or an exciting giveaway!

In short, these Awesome Posts are a complete free for all of incredible Real Foodie Wisdom! So, roll up your sleeves, link up and show us your stuff! Can’t wait to see what your Real Foodie brains have turned out recently!

Guidelines for Participating

* Please link up your blog post using the Linky widget below. If you are posting a recipe, only REAL FOOD recipes are permitted please! This means no processed food ingredients.

Hint: Tofu and textured vegetable protein are not Real Food. Neither are Splenda, soy milk, protein powder, or white sugar/white flour. Posts that do not qualify as Real Food will be deleted.

* Please link the URL of your actual blog post and not your blog’s home page.

* Remember to link this post back to your blog and leave a comment.  Thanks!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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  5. Thanks for hosting once again. My girls love chocolate chip cookies. I have several healthy recipes for chocolate chip cookies…coconut flour chocolate chip cookies, almond flour chocolate chip cookies and this week I am featuring sprouted flour chocolate chip cookies.

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  13. Thanks for hosting! I shared a post about the awesome health benefits of apple cider vinegar and 11 fun and healthy snacks for kids.

    Have a blessed day!

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  22. Sorry for leaving two links–that field “Your Name” gets me sometimes and I forget I’m supposed to put the title of the blog post there, not my name!

    I wrote up my post Healing Digestive Disorders to help a friend whose 14 year has ulcerative colitis…thought the info would be helpful to many. I summarize SCD, GAPS, and Jordan Rubin’s advice, give a general foods to eat/avoid list, and links to many other books, articles, and Ann Marie’s online course on reversing food allergies.
    Jill Nienhiser\’s last post: Healing Digestive Disorders

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  27. Struggling to get the Notes section of the page up…but should have recipes up by day’s end! The BEST deviled eggs you will ever taste are made with Farm Fresh Eggs…and Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions Mayo! OH YUM!

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  29. This is my first time here. But I have been making some recipes out of Nourishing traditions and fell in love with the smoothie! I love throwing in different fruit and changing the flavor. Today I used strawberries! Thanks for hosting.

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  31. This is my first time linking to a party, and only my second post, so sorry if I get it wrong! I wrote briefly about my sons gut issues and followed up with a recipe for gingersnap rice pudding cereal. Thank you for hosting! I’ve been following THHE and Monday Mania for months now and I love it.

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  37. This week I wrote on the exceptionally high costs of importing specialty foods and “superfoods” from developing countries, and how “fair trade” just isn’t enough to stop the total displacement of traditional food systems and ecosystems. I also included an updated post on my ten favorite DOMESTIC superfoods from the archives.
    Dawn @ Small Footprint Family\’s last post: The Super Cost of Superfoods

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