How I Resolved Night Blindness Naturally

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night blindness while driving
My husband and I recently decided to bite the bullet and convert our old family videotapes to digital format. These tapes were sitting uselessly in a cabinet collecting dust because we no longer had a machine that could play them. This was no small (or cheap) task since over 80 hours of footage required converting! 

Getting this huge project done has been so worth it. The kids really enjoy watching footage of themselves as babies, old birthday parties, family events and other fun goings-on through the years. Best of all, it’s all available in seconds with a click of the remote on the big TV screen!

One thing that really shocked the kids while they were watching some of the oldest footage from over 15 years ago is that my husband and I both used to wear glasses. My husband used to wear them all day, everyday for nearsightedness.  In my case, I wore glasses in the evening or while driving at night because of night blindness.

In fact, none of the kids has any memory of either of us ever wearing glasses. With my oldest now 18, that is a long time to have tossed the specs for good!

“Why don’t you and Daddy wear glasses anymore?” they asked.

This is a very interesting question, one that I haven’t considered in a very long time. My husband and I both developed a need for glasses shortly after graduating college. We wore them until around 2002 when our second child was born. After that, we just didn’t seem to need them anymore and gradually stopped wearing them altogether. Strangely enough, this happened for both us right around the same time!

The interesting thing is that my husband needed glasses for mild myopia and I needed them for night blindness issues. These vision issues are completely different and occurred for seemingly unrelated reasons.

So what changed during that time in 2002 that has allowed not one, but both of us the freedom to no longer need glasses?

The only thing that changed was our diet.

In late 2001, we discovered traditional eating.

I was immediately struck by the total logic and sense of ancestral approaches to health after reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and the classic cookbook Nourishing Traditions. Within days, we abandoned our lowfat diet and embraced healthy, whole fats. These include butter, cream, egg yolks, fish eggs, and high vitamin cod liver oil just like our ancestors enjoyed.

This change had the immediate effect of resolving my hypoglycemia problems through stabilization of blood sugar and elimination of sugar cravings. My panic attacks disappeared too.

The improvement to our eyesight was more gradual, however.  It took place over a span of a few months. We both noticed about the same time that we really just didn’t need those glasses anymore.

How could traditional diet have made a difference?

In my estimation, it was the Vitamin A that made the difference for me. For Richard, it was likely the Vitamin D.  Both of these critical, fat soluble vitamins in their natural forms are plentifully available in traditional foods revered by healthy, ancestral cultures.

Vitamin A Resolves Night Blindness

In the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat, authors Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon Morell write in Chapter 4 about Stephen, a young electrician from Buffalo, New York who was struggling with night vision problems.

When Stephen learned that night blindness can be caused by Vitamin A deficiency, he decided to skip the synthetic A supplement pills. Instead, he took a whole food supplement like cod liver oil. Within 3 months, his night blindness had vanished.

Stephen’s experience almost exactly mirrors my own. Within a few months of starting on a traditional diet which includes natural sources of Vitamin A, my night blindness disappeared. What’s even more exciting, it has never returned in the ensuing 15 years. This is the brand I used.

What’s particularly compelling about my story is that when my night blindness was at its worst, I was taking a daily supplement that contained synthetic Vitamin A and beta carotene. Obviously, these Vitamin A sources were doing nothing to help my night blindness issues!

Only when I added natural Vitamin A from traditional foods did the night blindness disappear. This is a very important distinction. Conventional medicine recognizes the benefits of Vitamin A in resolving night blindness. However, beta carotene and synthetic Vitamin A are considered as good as true Vitamin A. Clearly, this is not the case at least for some people like me.

Vitamin D Resolves Mild Myopia?

In my husband’s case, his mild myopia resolved at about the same time as my night blindness. In his case, though, it is likely that natural Vitamin D did the trick. Cod liver oil contains not only natural Vitamin A, but also natural Vitamin D!  Note that like me, he was obtaining most of the Vitamin D in his diet from a synthetic vitamin pill when he was experiencing vision problems. The synthetic Vitamin D did nothing to help resolve the problem.

The Vitamin D Council reports in a study from May 2014 that Vitamin D deficiency appears to be related to the severity of nearsightedness.

2,038 people aged 13 to 18 years old participated in this large study. The researchers examined the participants’ vitamin D levels, evaluated each person for myopia and noted the severity of the condition.

The researchers found that vitamin D levels were significantly related to severity of myopia. This means that lower vitamin D levels were related to more severe myopia among the study participants.

Traditional Diet for Resolving Night Blindness

Did addition of traditional foods to my diet and my husband’s diet resolve our vision issues?

While our story is only anecdotal and in no way scientific, the evidence sure does point in that direction!

Do you suffer from night blindness or mild nearsightedness that is causing you grief or the need for prescription lenses? If so, it’s certainly worth a shot to incorporate traditional fats like cod liver oil into your diet for a few months to see if it helps.

I can tell you that after more than a decade of not needing glasses for my night vision issues, I am certainly glad I made this dietary change!

*If you are seeking vetted brands of quality cod liver oil that are tested and guaranteed to contain only natural Vitamin A and D click here. This is the brand I’ve used for many years. Be aware that most cod liver oil brands on the market contain synthetic Vitamin A and D, which will not help heal your nightblindness.

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