Overwhelmed by the GAPS Diet? Help Has Arrived!

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The GAPS Diet is the best approach for healing the gut and putting autoimmune disease of all kinds into remission that I have ever come across.

That being said, the 6 months to 3 years that folks need to be on GAPS to reverse these conditions (on average) is a huge change from the way they were eating before – even if they were eating a whole food based, traditional diet.  If they were on the Standard American Diet before, forget about it!  GAPS can seem flat out impossible at first glance!

This is because all grains, sugars (except honey and fruit), and starches are avoided on GAPS as these foods cannot be fully digested by a compromised gut environment and therefore need to be avoided until the gut heals and seals.  What forms the fundamental basis of the American diet?   That’s right, grains, sugars and starches!

The necessary dietary changes on GAPS are so huge, in fact, that many people who really want and need to go on GAPS never even attempt it because the challenge of incorporating the necessary dietary changes to heal seems too incredibly daunting.

Help has arrived!

My friend Cara, from the blog Health, Home, and Happiness has come up with two indispensable resources in the implementation of the GAPS Diet. Cara is a GAPS expert.  She has used GAPS to tackle her children’s autoimmune issues with great success. She has even successfully helped her daughter Hannah’s autism go into remission with the help of the GAPS diet! The process took 2 years and has been confirmed by medical diagnosis.

I so wish these resources had been available to me last year when my husband and I went on GAPS.  It would have made the transition process so much easier and less stressful on our household!

GAPS Resources

The first resource is the helpful e-book What Can I Eat Now? A 30 Day GAPS Intro Meal Plan.

The second resource is Grain Free Meal Plans once you are off the GAPS Intro Diet and into full blown GAPS or if you just want to jump right into full blown GAPS or the very similar SCD (Specific Carbohydrate) Diet from the get go.

The Grain Free Meal Plans include the following:

  • Menu plans for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, plus snacks and sweets
  • Kid-tested recipes
  • Complete shopping lists
  • A Members only forum for questions, problems, encouragement, and success stories

If you are even remotely considering GAPS for your family, make sure you check out these resources!  Consistency is key on the GAPS Diet – falling off the wagon can really set you back.   Therefore having these resources in your back pocket as you undertake this challenge to recover the vibrant health you deserve could very well make the difference between success and failure on the GAPS Diet.

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