The Truth about Your Morning Coffee Fix

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Did you know that over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world ….. every single day? 

Or, that the lethal dose of caffeine in a human is about 100 cups of coffee in four hours and that coffee affects the same area of the brain as cocaine, amphetamines and heroin – just with milder effects?

While an occasional cup of Joe isn’t going to do any harm especially if you drink healthier dark roasts, addictive drinking via a daily coffee fix definitely has health consequences. This is especially true for those with coffee drinkers with gluten intolerance.

Another thing to watch out for is commercial lattes which contain unhealthful GMOs with every single sip.

Why Tea Isn’t As Addictive as Coffee

I myself do not do well drinking coffee and so have avoided it all my life (although I adore the smell!).

I drink green tea on an occasional basis instead and find that the caffeine in tea doesn’t bother me like coffee does. This is likely because the caffeine in tea binds to the tannins and L-theanine, a water soluble amino acid, at the time it is brewed.

These bonds requires more time to metabolize than unbound caffeine, so the absorption of caffeine into the bloodstream is slower and more gradual with tea than the rapid caffeine absorption and immediate rush of adrenaline that occurs with coffee, chocolate and caffeinated sodas.

If you are looking to reduce coffee consumption, green tea is a good alternative to wean yourself off. Other healthy coffee alternatives are discussed (with recipes) in the linked article. My personal favorite is rooibus tea.

What factoid in the infographic below on the truth about your morning coffee fix did you find most interesting?

coffee fix


Graphic on The Truth About Your Morning Coffee Fix used with permission:  Evoke Food.

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