trim healthy mama cookbookWe live in the day and age of diets. With the breakdown of any sort of unified, heritage based cuisine to maintain sanity in the US food scene, the people comprising its melting pot have migrated through the decades from one dietary fashion and fad to another. The 1960s and 70s especially ushered in the era of unending dietary upheaval.

DASH dietEvery year, US News releases a ranked list of the best and worst diets. Dozens of news outlets and websites immediately pick up and share the list with millions of readers. What diet consistently wins the number one slot? Which is hailed as the “best overall diet” for human health? The DASH diet. 

John Moody

John Moody is the director of Steader,

the zoe harcombe diet“Eat what you like, and still lose weight!”

“Stop counting calories and start losing weight!”.

Are these sound bites part of a new McDonald’s marketing blitz? Or some other dietary fad set to fool the masses?

Actually, they are neither. They are online blurbs for The Harcombe Diet,

cinnamon weight lossIn herbal medicine, the benefits of cinnamon to health are numerous and impressive. I’ve written before about how I use a teaspoon of freshly grated varieties in my morning smoothie.

The season determines whether I use Saigon (a type of Cassia) or Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia, for example, is one of the best herbs for seasonal allergies,

bone broth dietWhen I first heard of the Bone Broth Diet, numerous questions immediately came to mind.

  • Is it a GAPS Diet knock-off designed to mend leaky gut?
  • Is it a mirror image of a raw milk cleanse, just using bone broth instead of dairy?
  • Does the Bone Broth Diet detoxify the body or help you lose weight? 

gamma linolenic acid best sourcesMost people today, health buffs or not, are deficient in gamma linolenic acid, a critical omega-6 fat that is frequently overlooked particularly by those seeking to lose weight and reduce inflammation.

While other healthy lipids such as weight loss boosting coconut oil and muscle building conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) get all the headlines and attention,

coconut oil capsules in a dishThe alternative health community has really gotten turned on to coconut oil in recent years. Back in 2011, I wrote about the trend on how to use coconut oil for weight loss. The protocol included how much to take daily based on body weight to achieve desired health results.

At that time,

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