A Lifetime of Oral Health For Less Than a Dental Cleaning!

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It’s hard to believe, but the HealThy Mouth World Summit ends tonight at midnight.

7 days and 21 speakers later, I hope you have had a chance to listen to at least some of the presentations and learn how your oral health and the health of the rest of your body are inextricably intertwined – for better or for worse.

If one or more of the presentations helped you solve a current oral dilemma, that is awesome!   I am sure you learned what techniques and procedures you needed to facilitate the situation to a positive outcome.

What if you didn’t have a chance to hear all the speakers or get educated on one or more dental issues that perhaps you haven’t even faced yet?

In that case, I strongly suggest that you consider taking advantage of opportunity to secure lifetime access to all the videos, audios, and transcripts of this information so that it is literally there at your fingertips whenever and wherever you or someone you love needs it in the coming months and years.

What the HealThy Mouth World Summit really represents is a crash course in the practical application of holistic health – the information we all need to make quality oral health decisions that could potentially save thousands of dollars in dental bills and perhaps months of illness or recuperation from the negative effects of conventional dentistry gone awry.

My New Book Plus $150+ in Bonuses in the $79 Summit Package

Will and Susan Revak have worked so hard to bring all of us this HealThy Mouth Summit and are now generously offering unlimited lifetime access to all the presentations, videos, audios, transcripts, and Q/A sessions for only $79.   In addition, over $150 in bonuses in the form of books and healthy mealplans are also offered!

As if that isn’t enough, as a special gift to my readers, anyone who upgrades their Summit package will also receive a free copy of my new book Get Your Fats Straight which will be released very soon.

This introductory price for the Summit package will end at midnight tomorrow, January 21, 2013, so if continued access to this information is something you’ve been thinking is a good idea, be sure to click over to the HealThy Mouth Summit upgrade package and check out everything you get for less than it costs to get your teeth cleaned!

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