How to Avoid a Root Canal with Diet Alone

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root canal healing
The most popular post I’ve written on this blog is how I healed my child’s cavity using the protocol recommended by Dr. Weston A. Price DDS, a dentist who penned the incredible book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration back in the 1930’s.

Granted, the cavity I healed was an early cavity .. it was a hole in one of my child’s top front incisors and it filled in within weeks to be as smooth as the teeth next to it.

But what about a tooth with a really bad cavity?   What if the cavity has actually eaten into the pulp of the tooth and your dentist recommends a root canal?

Guess what?  You can save these teeth too.

The protocol for healing teeth even in such a state of complete degeneration is described in the book Cure Tooth Decay by Rami Nagel. This article on saving damaged teeth without a root canal provides a compelling testimonial of this approach.

I had the privilege of talking to Rami personally at the Wise Traditions Conference last year.

I have no doubt that our conversation helped to enable me to heal my child’s cavity some months later and write about it hopefully helping thousands of people in the process do the exact same thing.

Watch this video featuring Rami Nagel which describes the diet required to avoid and heal teeth at risk for a root canal. Even teeth that are in need of an immediate root canal can be helped.

If you have teeth in such a severe state of decay and think there is no hope, think again. Proper, traditionally based nutrition can work wonders even in these types of situations where the teeth need root canals. Make sure you listen through the whole video to be sure you understand Rami’s description of all aspects of the diet required to heal root canal teeth. It’s much more involved than taking a couple of supplements. There is no quick fix.

In addition, the diet required to heal the root canal teeth needs to be continued so that the problem does not re-emerge in the future.

Avoiding a Root Canal with Dietary Intervention Alone

Need A Biological Dentist Who Understands the Dangers of Root Canals?

I get many requests about who I recommend as a truly holistic, biological dentist. If you are looking for one, I recommend Dr. Carlo Litano of – (727) 300-0044. He sees young children as well as adults. Be sure to tell Dr. Litano that The Healthy Home Economist sent you and get 10% off your first visit!


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