MSG neurotoxin causes headachesAmericans are in a world of hurt.  Use of store bought painkillers primarily for headaches increased by nearly 90% between 1997 and 2005 according to statistics provided by the Department of Drug Enforcement.

What’s worse, frequent use of over the counter painkillers can cause withdrawal headaches causing the sufferer to use an ever increasing dose to treat symptoms and a cycle of overuse.

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Finding Your Balance

by Sarah FitnessComment: 1

Guest Post by Paula Jager, CSCS

Mobility, flexibility, range of motion–no matter what you call it most of us do not even think about it.  If you are an athlete, the more mobility you have the better you will be at your chosen sport.  If you are a businessman, busy mom or senior your activities of daily living and play will be better if you have adequate mobility.

whole grains not optimalI realize the title of this post is rather shocking.   I was shocked too, when I first heard this information from Rami Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay, in a casual hallway conversation at the 2010 Wise Traditions Conference.

How could whole grains possibly cause cavities? 

America is at war. This war is not being waged in the streets of Baghdad or the mountains of Afghanistan.

This war is being waged against the small farms of America by the Executive Branch of the US Government, specifically the USDA and the FDA.

Recall the illegal raids on the Rawsome Club in California (guns drawn on unarmed citizens) and the Gestapo-like seizure of thousands of pounds of cheese from Morningland Dairy and Estrella Creamery.  

homemade gravyMaking homemade gravy is arguably one of the most important tasks when creating a delicious holiday meal for your family. With Thanksgiving upon us soon, I thought it would be helpful to show how to make gravy the traditional way with using all the mineral rich drippings.

My husband, Richard, is the chief gravy maker in our home and he is incredible at it!  

I’m back home, unpacked and sort of back in routine after 5 days of the most mind blowing Wise Traditions Conference yet!  Attendance continues to jump every year even in an economy where most other conventions are experiencing decreasing numbers.

To give you some idea, the very first Wise Traditions Conference I attended in 2004 attracted just over 600 people. 

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