Safe Storage and Transport of Kombucha Tea

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kombucha tea in basket


School’s out – at least at our house.  Let the summertime fun begin!

Our family enjoys lots of outdoor activities during the warmer months, but heat and humidity and sweat and thirst just seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?

To stay hydrated and comfortable while you are enjoying all that summertime recreation, skip those nasty sports drinks laden with high fructose corn syrup or hidden artificial sweeteners and opt for the delicious, healthy, fermented drink from Russia – kombucha tea.

I have a number of videos on how to make kombucha, but have never done one on how to pack it safely in a lunch or cooler.

Kombucha must be packed in glass as it has an acidic, vinegar quality to it (don’t let that fool you – it  tastes yummy) that will leech chemicals from plastic and metal from stainless steel.

Kleen Kanteens are not appropriate for kombucha tea and neither is food grade plastic – ever!

But packing glass in a lunchbox with a young child is a bit of a dangerous venture, wouldn’t you agree?

In this short video below, I show you how I pack kombucha tea in a picnic basket or lunchbox to ensure that your child stays safe!

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