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REAL Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

chocolate chip cookie cake

It is very concerning to me how much chocolate children consume today. It seems that chocolate has become a regular feature in the modern diet with many children consuming it on a daily basis. What’s more, some adults seem to think it’s ok to push it on children which contributes greatly to the problem encouraging the potential development of chocolate addiction later.

I regularly receive emails from parents up in arms over the chocolate being offered to their children at school (without their permission) not just as a reward, but even during testing to help the students stay awake and sharp. What is this all about? This type of thing never happened when I was in school – public or private.

Even worse, the chocolate these children are eating is fake chocolate in most cases. American candy companies have slowly but surely replaced real ingredients over the years with factory synthesized fake flavors and GMO sugar in all but the most top of the line brands. Always read those labels, though, because even expensive, beautifully packaged Godiva chocolate has horrible ingredients. Some European chocolate companies have disappointingly followed suit in the name of improving profits.

If you’ve ever compared the taste of an artificially flavored, GMO sweetened Snickers bar with the real taste of chocolate in an Ocho bar (organic, nonGMO Snickers alternative) you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Tastiest Party Mix EVER (and it’s Healthy Too!)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

healthy party mix recipe _mini
If it’s happened to me once, it’s happened to me a hundred times ….

I try this snack or dish that I absolutely LOVE, only to investigate the ingredients and discover that this is something I would never, ever make for my family at home.

This happened to me last year when I tried a popular party mix for the very first time at one of my kid’s school events. It was to die for. This particular party mix recipe is made in vast quantities by over a dozen Moms and served every year at a large and well attended function.

This party mix was so good that I ate it (more than I should have!). This even though the ingredients were such that I knew I was going to seriously pay the piper the next day (or two, or three).

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Coconut Milk Pudding

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

cupful of coconut milk pudding

Pudding is the ultimate comfort food especially when the weather turns cool.

Warm, right off the stove is the way I most enjoy it just like my Grandma used to make it.  A pudding box wasn’t good enough for her, and it’s not good enough for me either. Who wants to feed their children (or themselves) a bowlful of GMO white sugar, GMO corn starch, artificial colors and flavors plus preservatives anyway?

Not me!

From scratch with only whole ingredients is the way to go with pudding if you want all the enjoyment and none of the toxic load!

I typically make pudding with grassfed, fresh from the farm milk, but if there is even a hint of congestion issues in the household due to weather changes or whatnot, it is best to skip the dairy and make coconut milk pudding instead. This is because dairy, even if raw, can become mucous forming when cooked.

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Low Carb Portuguese Focaccia (Gluten Free or Paleo)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist


I’ve been puttering around in the kitchen this summer experimenting with different gluten free and grain free flours both alone and in combination.

Learning how to easily bake delicious breads, cookies and pastries with various flour combos – both grain and non-grain based – is something I am very much interested in mastering.

My reasons are mostly practical …. baking is a very easy way to successfully incorporate a variety of grains and nuts into my family’s diet.  For example, one of my children won’t eat almonds but will happily eat the ginger snaps I make with sprouted almond flour.

I must admit, though, experimenting with flours is just plain fun even when a dish doesn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped!

Low carb focaccia is one recipe I recently made which my family thoroughly enjoyed.  You can see the focaccia end result in the picture above paired with seasonal, organic lychee.

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Grain Free Brownies Made with Nut Butter

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

In my opinion, the brownie is hands down the most important American contribution to the world of pastries. I typically make brownies for my family using sprouted flour (recipe here), but I have gotten into the routine of making them grain free with whatever sprouted nut butter I have on hand of late.

These grain free brownies are crazy good and I am in full anticipation of a lot of email love floating into my inbox from those of you who try them!

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