The Weekly Comment Spotlight 7/29/2011

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I spend quite a bit of time each week answering comments on my blogs, both old and new. I love answering comments and no question is ever a “dumb” question in my book. The only dumb questions are the ones that never get asked!

That being said, there are always a few comments each week that really grab my attention for whatever reason.

Here are the ones in the spotlight this week ….

Brilliant Comments

I just loved this comment from JMR regarding the post The New Phase of the War Against Raw Milk:

I was drinking a glass of raw milk as I read this. Before I purchased a herd share, I read about the dangers and benefits of raw milk. I decided that the benefits outweigh the dangers and so I decided to take the risk. I do that every day with other things — the benefit of driving my car outweighs the risks (I get places fast/could die in accident)…the benefit of eating vegetables outweighs the risks (tastes good and are nutritious/could die from ecoli) and so on. Yes, I could become seriously ill or even die from drinking raw milk. But that risk is very, very, very miniscule. And if I do get sick, I won’t be suing anyone. I made an informed choice and I take the responsibility for it. And if I gave raw milk to my child and the child died or got sick, that would be my fault and responsibility. I knew it was a risk and was willing to take that risk. My choice.

And since I am an intelligent and informed consumer, I don’t need a nanny state government protecting me from myself. I am an adult and I will be responsible for myself. This war on raw milk is frightening and makes me fear for my future freedom. I know a government that controls my food supply will have complete control over me, and they know it, too.

Well said JMR!  Everything in life carries risk and expecting the government to protect us from every possible risk with regard to the foods we eat is ridiculous.   I was listening to Sally Fallon Morell debate Bill Marler on NPR the other day and the fact is that only 42 people per year get sick from drinking raw milk out of 9.4 million people (3% of the population) who drink it.

When this breaks down to actual risk, there is a 35,000 times greater chance of food borne illness from other foods than from drinking raw milk.   Folks who think raw milk is a dangerous food are seriously misinformed.  The funny thing is – these same folks probably don’t think twice about going through a fast food drive thru which has an extremely high risk for food borne illness in comparison!  People are afraid of the wrong things in our society and it is sad that this fear can be directed at such a wholesome, inherently SAFE food such as raw, grassfed milk.

This eye opening observation from Nat Schultz in response to the post There is Nothing Smart About Smart Balance:

I HATE the new Smart Balance ad that shows “Happy Danish People” so “thankful” that Smart Balance came to the rescue once Trans Fats were banned in Europe. Are you KIDDING ME? Can Danes really be that STUPID?!?

Oh, I remember seeing a very bizarre ad once, perhaps it was for Silk Soy Milk — it was a family of cartoon COWS living like people and how the Mama cow and baby cows all switched to SOY milk because it is “healthier” and the mama cow secretly replaced the Papa cow’s REAL milk with soy milk, and he tasted it and ended up loving it — and then they were a “Happy, healthy” family of cows sitting around the table eating cereal and drinking coffee. The message: Even Cows don’t drink real milk because it’s bad for you. INSANE!!! Sadly, most poor cows ARE force-fed SOY and unhealthy cereal grains. How ironic!

Commercials can be so misleading, can’t they?  I’ve actually taught my kids that if they see any food advertised on the television, this almost without exception means the food is unhealthy and should be avoided.  This is because advertising is so expensive and a food must be unhealthy and fake in order to have a high profit margin and to warrant the time/expense of putting advertisements about it on TV.   REAL FOOD does not have a high profit margin (just ask any local farmer), and therefore will never have expensive advertising dollars spent on it.

This from Kim regarding Rhogam Shot: Big Pharma Profit Ploy:

Thank you so much for such a great article! I just was told by my ob that I would have to get the Rhogam shot by 28 weeks as I am RH neg. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first child. I asked if my husband’s blood type could be tested and she told me it wouldn’t matter, she would give me the shot anyway. I INSISTED that my husbands blood be typed. Unfortunately, he is B pos. Hence, me additional research into this topic.
My blood has never been tested to see if I am building any antibodies and I have had not had any signs of bleeding or trauma, previous miscarriage etc. I have had an overall healthy pregnancy so far.
Right now I do not want to get the Rhogam shot until AFTER delivery if in fact its definitely necessary. I want to speak to another doctor who is more educated in this subject but don’t know where to go to find one. My research so far has led me to believe that a Perinatologist may be the best route but I’m not sure. Any suggestions from anyone would be MUCH appreciated!

Good for you Kim for insisting the doctor test your husband.  It is so concerning to me that women who are Rh negative with Rh negative partners still routinely get this dangerous shot.

You absolutely must think for yourself and do your own research when it comes to making decisions about the appropriate level of care when you are pregnant.  The modern medical paradigm does not protect our children and is geared toward avoiding malpractice suits, selling unnecessary drugs, tests, and procedures as well as maximizing profit for the doctors’ offices and hospitals (hence the obscenely high C-section rate).

This from Josh Van Tassel in reference to the post Police Shut Down Children’s Lemonade Stand:

This is exactly why more laws always leads to less freedom. In a nation governed by the rule of law, a “well intentioned” law usually overrules common sense. Thus, the notion that our lawmakers should be constantly passing laws to be effective is a flawed one. The more laws on the books and the larger the government is, the less freedom we have. This story demonstrates this all to well.

Great news regarding this story in the news today.  The Midway Lemonade Girls, as they have come to be known, have been invited to operate their lemonade stand at the Summer Waves Waterpark – the place they were originally saving money to go when they set up their ill fated lemonade stand in their neighborhood!   The water park management is allowing the girls to enjoy the water park for free for an entire day and sell their lemonade for 2 hours during that time to thirsty patrons.   The girls are going to be donating 10% of their earnings to charity.

What a happy ending to this initially sad and shocking story!

BoneHeaded Comments

Chad, an obvious fan of the American Heart Association, had this to say about Plant Based Diets Cannot Maintain Health:

Show me one shred of evidence that eating meat has reversed heart disease, cancer, diabetes or any other disease! I can tell you first hand that it saved my life and I didn’t live off processed foods or feed lot beef, etc. I ran 30 plus miles a week and ate what was told to me as healthy! Within 6 weeks of a whole foods plant diet without processed foods or oils my cholesterol cut in half, my BP dropped to well below the normal range, my heart rate dropped to the mid 50′s, etc etc. This was without the aid of any medications.
I suggest you do your homework on all the heart patients and cancer survivors before you start spouting off about what others should do.

I guess when Chad suggests I do my homework, he means use the research from conventional “peer reviewed” studies which support all of his statements above.   The problem is, this information is highly unreliable and has been shown over and over again to be flawed and fudged by those seeking profit from the dissemination of that information.

This quotation from Marcia Angell MD (shared with me by my friend Raine Saunders .. she writes the amazing blog Agriculture Society):

‎”It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” Marcia Angell, MD

So, it seems Chad that the homework you have done is not really homework at all.  It is, in fact, propaganda that you have fallen for and are following to your detriment.   I would recommend that you check out the website of the Weston A. Price Foundation to get some accurate nutritional and lifestyle instruction that is free from any industry influence and propaganda.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s version of The Weekly Comment Spotlight!



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