The Milk Cure in Action: Days 7-9

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Paula Jager’s Milk Cure journey continues in today’s post which chronicles Days 7-9.  Be sure to catch Paula’s observations on a raw milk fast for Days 1-3 and Days 4-6, previously posted.

Paula’s curiosity in the Milk Cure was piqued after receiving a copy of The Untold Story of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid for Christmas.  Paula writes:

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I quickly dove in. I was especially intrigued by the chapter on the healing benefits of the “raw milk cure” which had its roots with one of the founders of the Mayo Clinic. Best time to do this was spring. I put that on hold in the back of mind.

Paula continues …

Uncovering my winter body and its feeding frenzy of “good” foods but a few too many and far more than the occasional indulgence of homemade ice cream made me decide to join the yearly Swimsuit Challenge with my clients at my CrossFit facility. I was ready to start, it was time to shed the 11 pounds of fat I had managed to put on from about September until now. I also felt like I needed to cleanse or detox a little. Now I love my food and I am not going to go without sustenance no matter how good the purported benefits of fasting. I had been reading and becoming a bit of a believer in Intermittent Fasting on the Paleo and Primal websites but the milk fast seemed the perfect answer–I could fast yet still get nutrients and preserve lean mass. The idea of just broth and water was not enough for me and juices provided far too many simple carbohydrates. Milk is the perfect food. At 146 calories per 8 oz., 7.9 g of fat, 11g carb and 7.9 g of protein that put its macronutrient ratios at 49% fat, 21% protein and 30% carbs. A little higher in the carb content than I am used to but very close to an ideal or perfect food.

Let’s see how Paula is faring starting her second week on the Milk Cure:

The Milk Cure in Action: Days 7-9

Day 7:  Slept so so? No rhyme or reason I suppose.  Was down 1.8 pounds yesterday and only down 1 lb today?  Of course I have not been active. Staying with 3 quarts per day of raw milk though. Feel pretty much the same, no hunger. Did have a craving when my husband grilled a big juicy grass fed sirloin yesterday (yum) and he even offered to eat outside.  And the bacon he cooked for breakfast smelled really good.  If it wasn’t around me it wouldn’t have bothered me.  Weekdays easier; missed cooking yesterday.  Felt like working out today and had a great workout of heavy pull ups, 1 legged squats and some body weight exercises to get a good sweat going.  Took warm salt baths this weekend as rx’d in some of the articles I have come across.

Day 8: Slept pretty good.  Elimination not a problem, moving well and still a light tan color.  No hunger, no cravings.  Very busy day; great energy.  Felt yesterday’s workout in a good way and took a day off more because of my schedule than not wanting to workout.  All well and routine today.

Day 9: Did not sleep well?  Very busy day, got home late and could not wind down.  Very unusual for me and I do not think it is related to the fast.  I did however have an incredible amount of energy and felt like I had about 4 more hours of work left in me but knew it was time to shut it down.  I reduced my quota to 10 ½ cups yesterday to facilitate fat loss while on the fast.  Noticed no difference in energy but was a tad hungrier this am. Heightened sense of awareness and mental clarity continues.  Interesting:  it seems my clients are intrigued by the raw milk fast that I am doing and now 3 of them have jumped on the bandwagon.  After class this morning I and 2 of the other women were talking about it and I am curious about why 3 different women would have 3 different results.  One is constipated, badly.  One is going all the time and I am going the same as I was before.  Why is that?  Yes, I know we are all different to a degree and have different issues but I would love to know the possible whys. . . Sarah?  One thing I was comforted to find out was that the color was the same for everyone light tan/slight yellow.  Never having had children I had no idea what color their elimination product was on a milk diet but one Mom compared it to that. And to be honest, I have no desire. Time for some more milk!

Stay tuned.  Days 10-12 posted tomorrow!

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