The Milk Cure in Action: Days 13-15

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Paula Jager’s journey on the Milk Cure, aka the raw milk fast, ended after 12 days.  In this post, she chronicles her first 3 days back on solid food.

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Day 13: Oh my, I don’t know what hit me but I most certainly did the bed rest thing yesterday.  I laid on the couch the entire rest of the day after I got home from work–at  least when I was not in the bathroom. I only managed to get 5 cups of milk in yesterday and that was a chore.  Must have been some kind of a bug as hubby was down also.  He had a fever and chills which I had none of. Still surprises me as I have not had anything like this ever other than an occasional upset stomach but never 2-3 days of diarrhea. Finally was able to get a decent night sleep yesterday and have awakened feeling better this am.  Of course after a day in the bathroom one’s weight would be down but when I washed my face and looked in the mirror this morning my skin was amazingly clear?  I feel like I was hit by a hurricane and now the storm has passed.  I still have some milk left so I am going to take today and the next 2 days to gradually reintroduce solid foods.  First meal was 5 oz of strawberries and 1 ½ eggs cooked n 1 tsp butter.  Fruit tasted very sweet and it felt peculiar to chew after so long; eggs tasted delicious.  That settled well, had a glass of milk a couple of hours later , 3 hours after that some squash and zucchini in bacon drippings and 2 pieces of bacon.  All good followed by some chicken and kale soup for dinner.  Will reintroduce more protein tomorrow.

Day 14: Slept decent.  Kept food intake light yesterday with not a lot of protein.  Weight this am was 119.4 lbs a loss of 4 lbs, however we had a thorough cleansing over the weekend.  Wow! I feel amazing this morning and full of energy!!  Skin again is clear and glowing.  Elimination back on track and deep, dark brown again.  I am still not sold on the fact that I had a bug; not that I am immune to that sort of thing but I had no fever and no chills and never get them, it’s been years.  I wonder if it could have been die off symptoms, the timing was accurate (after 11 days on the fast) and I feel cleansed today.  I feel reenergized and rejuvenated.  Wow.  Life is good.

Day 15: Sleeping better and things moving normally.  Included protein back into diet yesterday; had a farm fresh chicken that my husband roasted, fresh green beans with raw butter and a nice green salad with homemade dressing for dinner.  Good to be eating again although I must say milk is truly a perfect food and I never wanted for anything.  It was still baffling to me why I came down with a little bug at the end.  I like to know the whys and what Sarah said this morning made perfect sense.  When you are detoxing (and you are in a raw milk fast), you are more vulnerable.  That made sense.  I feel absolutely fabulous today.  My energy levels are incredible and I am ready to take on the world.  Also have been on a cleaning binge at home and work, decluttering everything and does it feel good.  I had toned down my workouts during the fast because it felt like I needed to but we are ready to kick things up several notches.  As I have mentioned before I wanted to do the fast prior to our Swimsuit Challenge at my CrossFit facility.  Well I have started and will chart the progress over the next 8 weeks in my quest to lose 11 (now 7) pounds of winter fat that accumulated.  And as for the milk fast. . . it was a great experience and one that I will repeat each spring perhaps a little longer next year.  I wonder if somewhere down my ancestral lines I am not part Maasai for I believe I could exist on exclusively meat, milk and even the blood doesn’t sound bad.  Stay tuned for swimsuit challenge reports. . .


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