Vax or Get Fired? How to Prepare for Forced Vaccination

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Forced vaccination? So much for living in the ‘Land of the Free’!

Due to tremendous pressure from schools, doctors, or employers, pressure that ultimately comes from the pharmaceutical mafia according to author Peter C. Gotzsche, it is increasingly common for some of us to be force vaccinated with shots loaded with questionable and often toxic ingredients.

Not only can you be fired or denied promotions for not complying, a new trend is that you can even be kicked out of firefighter school, as you’ll read about below.

A friend of mine named Jill was forced recently to delve into the issue of protecting her son from forced vaccination with a mandatory hepatitis B vaccine so that he could continue with his classes toward his dream of becoming a firefighter. Jill writes:

My 18-year old son is in the middle of firefighter training at a local fire academy, with EMT school just around the corner.  Unfortunately, the EMT school requires a hepatitis B vaccine.  With a family history of Guillain–Barré, we take every vaccine seriously and aim to minimize exposure to anything that has been implicated in triggering G.B., which is a mysterious autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system, causing varying degrees of paralysis. There may be a genetic link, but much is still unknown about the disease.  Vaccines–some more than others–have been known to be among possible triggers.

Even with their family history, the doctor was unwilling to write a medical exemption for her son because, in his words, “Hepatitis B vaccine doesn’t cause Guillain–Barré.”

What an arrogant statement, as there is nowhere near enough information available to make such a claim! While a recent study showed no connection, many individual accounts show that there is one. Thankfully Jill assured me that they aren’t returning to this doctor for the vaccine or anything else. We should not trust or give our business to physicians who don’t take their patients’ concerns seriously.

Ways to Get Out of Forced Vaccination

There are other ways to try and get an exemption even when your doctor isn’t on your side:

Still Forced to Vax?  How to Prepare and Protect Your Body

Knowing they needed to make the best of the situation, since their son really wants to be a firefighter, Jill discovered more research provided options for extra protection before and after the mandatory vaccine was administered:

  • Look up the information on the NVIC website, use the vaccine ingredient calculator, and see what dose you can get away with.  They found that since he’s 18, he technically could still get the pediatric version which contains 1/2 the aluminum (and 1/2 of everything else) and no mercury.  After nearly two hours on the phone, Jill found a pharmacy 30 minutes away that carried the 10 mcg. version, whereas all the other pharmacies either only carried the adult, 20 mcg., version, or none at all.
  • Take this vaccine-specific supplement called Vaccishield for one week prior and one week after vaccination. Formulated by a naturopathic physician, Vaccishield contains vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and an amino acid to support healthy immune response and aid in detoxification.  (It is designed for infants and children, but Jill contacted the company to inquire about an adult product and was told that until the adult version is available, just double the child dose for adults.)
  • Take fermented cod liver oil with butter oil.
  • Apply Magnesium oil.
  • Apply a Bentonite clay poultice to the vaccine site right after vaccination to hopefully help draw out heavy metals, specifically aluminum with this one.
  • Water kefir/kombucha daily for extra probiotics, plus detox help (kombucha).
  • No whey protein or other immune-stimulating substances leading up to the vaccine.
  • Avoid inflammatory-causing polyunsaturated vegetable oils or junk food, which hopefully you aren’t eating anyway!
  • Jill is also planning on juicing some celery and parsley for after he gets the shot to help prevent an autoimmune reaction, and then having him take it easy for the rest of the day and the day after to give his body a chance to deal with the toxins without added stress.
  • Consider finding an herbalist or naturopath with an infrared sauna to help further the detox process.  Infrared saunas stimulate the immune system though, so wait a bit after vaccination before considering that one just in case, since it appears to be important to keep the immune system purring like a kitten, rather than roaring like a lion, if you are concerned about autoimmunity or an exaggerated immune response/allergic reaction.

More helpful supplements – contact your holistically minded doctor for proper dosing:

As frustrating as it is to be pressured into forced vaccination when you’ve researched and found that it is not the right choice for you or your child, if you’re backed into a corner, hopefully these measures will help you to protect yourself as best you can and reduce the likelihood of any adverse reactions.


What To Do: Forced Vaccination



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