The Dukan Diet: French Version of Atkins?

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Free Tape Measure Woman Waistline Healthy Living Stock Photo Creative CommonsWith the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton only days away, the diet the future Princess of Wales and her mother are using to prepare for the big day is taking front and center stage.

According to Royal insiders, Ms. Middleton is reportedly following the Dukan Diet, a protein based diet formulated by French nutritionist and dietician Dr. Pierre Dukan MD.  Dr. Dukan has promoted his method of eating for over 3 decades, but it is only recently that the popularity of his diet has surged in Europe and now America.

The Dukan Diet is commonly referred to as the French Atkins Diet.  Basically, Atkins minus the fat with lots of oat bran.

How any diet could be considered French while restricting fat is beyond me!  The French are well known for their slimness and lower heart disease risk compared with other Western countries despite the inclusion of liberal amounts of butter and cream in their delectable cuisine.

In a nutshell, the Dukan Diet is a four step program which promises quick weight loss that stays off forever. Weekly cycles include large amounts of water, protein rich foods and oat bran, no fruit, some wine and dessert and a few vegetables.  Only 20 minutes of light exercise each day is recommended.

Like other diet fads, the Dukan Diet has no research to back up the premise of its four step program. Certainly, no traditional cultures ever ate this way!

One interesting aspect of this diet is the restriction of fruits and vegetables. Perhaps this is why so much oat bran is included in the program – all that protein constipates the system so a strong fiber is necessary to clear out the digestive tract in a hurry!  No doubt, the increased frequency of trips to the bathroom from all that oat bran contributes to the rapid initial weight loss.

Will the Dukan Diet stand the test of time?  The unsustainability of a high protein, low carb, low fat diet makes it highly unlikely. In addition, the diet reportedly includes little variety, so the chances of devotees straying to more satisfying foods such as veggies cooked in butter and full fat ice cream, yogurt, and cheese seems high.

Although wrong on many fronts, the British Dietetic Association has pegged the Dukan Diet correctly: one of the five worst diets of 2011. Even France’s National Agency for Food, Environmental and Work Safety identified the Dukan Diet as risky.

Hopefully, Ms. Middleton will drop this diet right after the “I do’s”.  With its alarming restriction on blood stabilizing, hormone normalizing fats, The Dukan Diet is clearly not an appropriate way to eat for a lady expected to produce strong heirs to the British throne!



Source: Dukan Diet: Newest Fad or Weight-Loss Answer?

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