How to Save a Damaged Tooth With No Root Canal

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When I wrote the post about how to heal a cavity, I had no idea that the post would end up being circulated around dental forums where it became the target of ridicule and even anger from a number disbelieving dentists. The fact is that teeth can and do heal, even those in need of a root canal.

Whether or not conventional dentists choose to acknowledge it does not really matter. Holistic dentists know the truth! For example, Dr. Weston A. Price DDS documented many cases of cavities resolving when nutritional deficiencies were corrected in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

While I received many negative emails and comments from dentists (I also received a few positive emails from dentists, I might add), I was also delighted and amazed by stories from Moms just like me who had experiences very similar to my own – tooth problems resolving with nutrition or natural medicine alone!

One of the most interesting emails I received was from a homeopath named Kay, who lives in Australia, coincidentally right near where my husband was raised!  Kay wrote me the following story which I thought so fascinating that it absolutely needed to be a guest post:

Homeopathy Instead of a Root Canal

Dear Sarah,

My sister who lives in Hong Kong sent me the link to your site after you wrote an article about butter oil and how it reversed tooth decay when taken along with with cod liver oil.

I am a homeopath and teach workshops to parents on how to use natural medicine to raise healthy children, so I was fascinated by this piece of information and it prompted me to share another tooth story with you and your readers about how my son was saved from a root canal at the age of 14 years old by using natural medicine.

Jack had been playing golf with his brother over the school holidays and while hot tired and emotional ( a normal state of affairs for my son at the time), his golf club got stuck in the bag.  So, with sheer brute force he ripped it out of the bag straight into his mouth and broke off the bottom of his front tooth!

We went straight to the dentist who did tests and declared the root was dying and that he needed to do a root canal before the tooth discolored. I told him to remove his drill from my son’s mouth and said I would try and save the tooth with homeopathy.  A not very happy dentist told me there was a time and place for homeopathy and this wasn’t it and if there was any remote chance I could save this tooth he would send me all his clients.

I took Jack home and gave him homeopathic Arnica for shock, trauma and bruising.  Then, I used homeopathic hypericum, a great remedy every parent should know about as it repairs nerve damage. I gave it to Jack every few hours and then reduced it to 2 x day for the next week . In America I believe you can buy homeopathics in health food stores quite easily, so always have arnica and hypericum in your cupboard for “teeth” accidents .

Today Jack still has his original front tooth with a little cosmetic dentistry to build up the bottom half and the dentist still has not sent me one client!

Thanks for letting me share this story Sarah. Just knowing these small pieces of information can create such better health outcomes for our children and families.

Looking for a Holistic, Biological Dentist?

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