switchelSwitchel, also called Haymakers Punch, is a refreshing drink that originated in the Caribbean. It is a tasty, slightly effervescent beverage made of water mixed with vinegar, sweetened with molasses, and sometimes lightly flavored with ginger. Honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup are also used in various locally adapted versions.

Switchel made its way from the islands to the American colonies becoming a popular summertime drink by the late 1600’s.

einkorn sourdough breadI am so excited to add this amazing recipe for no knead einkorn sourdough bread to the catalog of Real Food creations on this blog! This particular recipe comes from Carla Bartolucci, one of the world’s foremost experts in the cultivation and traditional preparation of einkorn, the only nonhybridized form of wheat left on Planet Earth.

probiotic cottage cheeseIn the Western world, cottage cheese is nearly synonymous with dieting and all things related to the pursuit of skinny.

Cottage cheese is typically served with sliced fruit on top as an ultra low calorie meal. It’s been the poster child for losing weight since the lowfat dogma of the 1960s took hold and escorted Westerners down a path to even greater weight and health challenges.

kitchari porridgeThe small, locally owned health food store where I have shopped for nearly 20 years has a wonderful deli and juice bar. It is a huge favorite of the locals. I frequently drop in to see what homemade soups are available on the hot bar. My family consumes so much homemade soup and nourishing bone broth each week that I sometimes find it difficult to keep up.

chocolate chip cookie cakeIt is very concerning to me how much chocolate children consume today. It seems that chocolate has become a regular feature in the modern diet with many children consuming it on a daily basis. What’s more, some adults seem to think it’s ok to push it on children which contributes greatly to the problem encouraging the potential development of chocolate addiction later.

red rooibos latteIf you are looking to replace coffee based lattes with something that is naturally caffeine free and absolutely delicious, I would suggest that you try a (red) rooibos latte.

Rooibos lattes are very popular in coffee shops in South Africa, which makes sense given that the rooibos, or redbush, plant is native to that continent.

strawberry kiwi jello pudding

Jello pudding made with unprocessed ingredients is an easy, fast and yummy treat that is the perfect dish to take to cookouts and potlucks. It pleases junk food and healthfood fans alike.

People sometimes get a puzzled look on their faces when I suggest jello as a healthy treat for kids.