cup of white hot chocolate

White hot chocolate is the perfect beverage for those who love regular hot chocolate but wish to avoid the caffeine hit.

Containing no cocoa solids, white chocolate is the primary ingredient of this hot beverage, making it naturally caffeine free unlike more commonly enjoyed versions made with milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

homemade powdered sugarMany people, even those who may prefer to cook from scratch, have no idea how easy it is to make homemade powdered sugar. This important ingredient in so many dessert recipes. Unfortunately, most choose heavily commercialized, refined white powdered sugar. On top of being highly processed, store bought powdered sugar is more likely than not of genetically modified (GMO) origin.

pumpkin pudding in a bowlWhenever I make pumpkin puree to make pumpkin pudding or another dish that requires this ingredient, I tend to make a lot and freeze it. I find this helpful because the process from start to finish takes at least two hours from slicing and removing the seeds, to baking, to cooling, to finally scooping out the flesh and pureeing in the food processor.

thanksgiving recipesCan you believe it?  Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you need some ideas for healthy Thanksgiving recipes to make and share, below are fifteen to consider for incorporation into your Holiday meal.

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for this blog, as it marks the anniversary of filming and posting videos of how to incorporate Traditional Cooking techniques in your home.

broth for breakfastOne of my challenges as a Nutritional Therapist is getting people to think outside the box for what they can have for each meal of the day. Homemade broth for breakfast certainly fits the bill.

This is especially important if we’re removing things like gluten or grains for a while.

butterscotch drizzled on ice cream

Butterscotch is a delicious whole food confectionary that gained widespread popularity starting around the mid-1800’s as a flavoring for puddings, cookies, and other desserts like ice cream.

Unfortunately, because one of the main ingredients of authentic butterscotch is, of course, butter, its popularity declined precipitously and in lockstep with other full fat foods as the hysterical and misguided fat phobia grabbed the Western world by the waistline throat around the time of Ancel Keys’

switchelSwitchel, also called Haymakers Punch, is a refreshing drink that originated in the Caribbean. It is a tasty, slightly effervescent beverage made of water mixed with vinegar, sweetened with molasses, and sometimes lightly flavored with ginger. Honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup are also used in various locally adapted versions.

Switchel made its way from the islands to the American colonies becoming a popular summertime drink by the late 1600’s.