Raw Milk Fast 2013 (Day 3)

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Raw milk muscles
Day 3 wraps up Raw Milk Fast 2013 for Paula, Richard and I.

Paula and I agree that 3 days was the perfect length for a gentle seasonal cleanse, resting of the digestive system, and overall bodily rejuvenation. Richard was along for the ride and just enjoying the process (he loves Raw Milk Fasting and does periodic one day raw milk fasts all year long anyway) , so he probably would have joined in no matter how long Paula and I fasted!

Those of you who have more healing and recovery in mind with your Raw Milk Fast may choose to extend it beyond 3 days. This is totally up to you based on your personal health goals. Paula, Richard and I did a 10 day fast last year and Paula did a 12 day fast in 2011. Read up on them by clicking here if you would like a bit more information to help with your decision.

We will continue the tradition next year when the rapidly growing spring grass show their beautiful green shoots once again. In the meantime, please continue commenting on this year’s fasting posts as you make progress with your own fasting process.

Paula: Slept like a baby.  Another extremely busy day at work with a couple of challenges popping up but I maintained a calm and professional manner and handled the situation in a non reactive manner.  Amazing how well that works.  I always feel very focused and calmer during the milk fast.  Hunger was kept at bay expect later in the afternoon I had to increase consumption but that was after a very intense workout.  I think my body just needed refueling.  The workout was a CrossFit girl–“Diane” which consisted of 21. 15. 9 of 155# deadlifts and handstand push ups.  I had a PR of 8:15.  Whew, had me on the floor.  I took in 2 cups of milk directly after and very much missed my usual post wod banana or sweet potato.

No signs of any detoxing but I usually don’t notice that until after about 5 to 7 days.  I did get home at a decent hour last night and since I didn’t have to cook dinner–hubby can fend for himself–I did manage to get in a relaxing 45 min salts bath.  Aaaah, then off to bed at 9:30 pm.  I do have some downtime this weekend and it will be interesting to see if any toxins work their way out but I do plan on some rest.  I  liked kicking off my “spring cleansing” with the fast; 3 days was the perfect amount of time for me as I am on “maintenance” and now I’m off to break my fast with some bacon and eggs–lots of bacon!

Richard:  This year’s fast was very easy for me.  Adding a few extra tablespoons of raw (cow) cream to each glass of raw milk worked well for me this year to keep me especially satiated and not needing or thinking about food.   5-6 cups per day seems to be my number.

My fast this year was entirely on raw goat milk (the extra cream was raw cow, however) which was not used in the traditional Milk Cure but is an acceptable substitute.  The Weston A. Price Foundation recognizes either raw cow or raw goat milk for the homemade baby formula, so why not a raw milk fast?  The nutrient profile is similar except for folate and B12.

The small boil on my leg from yesterday healed up quickly and no more appeared so I am encouraged that little detoxification was needed this year.  I do periodic raw milk fasts of one day only throughout the year, usually on weekends to rest my digestion so my body is very accustomed to the process.

Look forward to next year.  This is a fun and healthy tradition!

Sarah: The final day of Raw Milk Fast 2013 went smoothly all day until my daughter’s slumber party started at 4pm.  I cooked up dinner for the girls along with my daughter’s preference for birthday cake (sprouted flour birthday brownie cake with white chocolate chips).    Cooking for others when you haven’t eaten in almost 3 days is quite difficult.

Later on into the party, it all just became too much for me, so I ended my fast around 9pm which still met the required 72 hour fast but wasn’t quite as long as I had planned.  I had intended to fast until the next morning which would have been almost 3 1/2 days.  But, the party made me rethink and I indulged and chowed down on the delicious spread of party food starting right at the 72 hour mark.

I consumed about 10 cups of raw cow milk on Day 3 and had great energy the entire day.  I surprisingly didn’t experience any symptoms of detoxification this year at all, not even a mild headache.   For those of you considering a raw milk fast for the very first time, 3 days really worked well for us this year.

I agree with Richard that this is a fun and healthy tradition.  We plan to continue this again next year and hope even more people will join us in 2014.


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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