Photographic Proof That Cavities Heal

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cavity heals
The compelling article written by Dr. Judene Smith DDS about minimally invasive dentistry and how it ignores how cavities heal really brought out the poorly researched conventional dentists in droves! They need to bone up on the 7 years long study in Australia that demonstrated that no drill dentistry works!

A sad testament indeed to how closed-minded and condescending a large portion of the dental community can be even toward one of its own.

The truth is that cavities can heal and the vehement denial by conventional dentists who react in a defensive manner (as if they have all the answers) does not change this fact one iota.

To drive another nail in the coffin of the notion that cavities must be filled and can’t remineralize and heal on their own, I am presenting a series of photographs sent to me by Rami Nagel, author of the paradigm-shattering book Cure Tooth Decay.

The photos are of an 18-month-old child from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Rikki, the boy’s mother, took these photos as her son’s cavities remineralized over a period of 8 weeks after commencing a dietary program that included supplementing with unprocessed cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil.  It is important to note that regular cod liver oil found in health food stores will not produce the same spectacular results you see in these photos. Why? These are processed and fortified with synthetic vitamins which are not effective.

The sad truth is that when a parent brings in a child with significant tooth decay, toxic, IQ lowering fluoride treatments, drilling/filling or even crowns and root canals are recommended on baby teeth!  These treatments which can be incredibly expensive are not necessary as in a majority of cases, children’s teeth will quickly remineralize with dietary intervention. Adult teeth with cavities will heal in a similar fashion as long as they have never been drilled or compromised by dental treatments in the past.

What Did This Child Eat That Caused These Cavities?

Possibly the most shocking thing about this story is that this toddler was not eating a junk food diet when these cavities formed.  He was still breastfeeding and eating an all-organic diet. His favorite foods consisted of graham crackers and flaxseed bread.  He also was fond of organic granola bars which he ate regularly.

The problem with store-bought whole grain products is that they are high in antinutrients like phytic acid that block mineral absorption. These foods are not a good choice for regular consumption by growing children.

Rikki’s son also ate fruits and vegetables and organic eggs although his mother avoided butter and milk thinking they were bad for him. After reading Cure Tooth Decay, she realized that butter and milk from grass-fed cows are very healing and strengthening for teeth and bones. Grass-fed dairy also counteracts some (but not all) of the negative effects of the toxins and anti-nutrients in processed grain products from the store.

Foods That Healed this Child’s Teeth

Rikki implemented 4 major changes to her son’s diet in order to achieve the results you see below.

  1. She cut out grains and sugars. This reduced the mineral depletion from the commercial grains and sugar.
  2. She started giving him Green Pasture’s Royal Blend (a combination product of blended fermented cod liver oil and butter oil) which gave her son the needed fat-soluble vitamins to remineralize his teeth.
  3. Her son now gets raw milk and raw milk cheese regularly along with fermented vegetables like pickles.
  4. Their family now uses butter liberally, and Rikki makes homemade broths and soups from pasture raised chicken.

Unfortunately, the earliest picture is of the teeth after 1 week on the new dietary protocol described in Cure Tooth Decay.  There wasn’t a control picture available of what the cavities looked like before any changes were made. Even still, the visual healing that takes place is compelling and should give every parent hope that cavity problems can be dealt with at home with simple dietary changes in the majority of cases.

Will these dietary interventions be easy? Most definitely not if a conventional diet is being followed. For those already eating a whole foods based diet in their home, the changes are much easier to accomplish. Far and away the most difficult change to implement for cavity-prone children especially if they attend school is eliminating the processed grain-based foods.

What do you think of these photos?  Do they finally put to bed the repeated denials from conventional dentists that cavities don’t heal and must be filled? Still skeptical? Another photographed case of cavities healing is provided in this article on more photographic proof cavities heal.

*These photographs were used with Mr. Nagel’s permission (source).

week 1 cavity healing

week 2 cavity healing

week 4 cavity healing


week 6 cavity healing

week 8 cavity healing

before and after cavity healed

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