lecithinFew nutrients have pervaded both the supplement and industrialized food industries as much as lecithin.

As a supplement, lecithin is touted as helpful for protecting cardiovascular health, reversing liver damage, and improving brain function and memory. It is frequently recommended by holistically minded doctors.

Within the food industry, lecithin seems to be in almost everything from dairy foods to chocolate bars!

peanut oilThere are several popular restaurant chains that make it a point to tell customers that they use peanut oil for cooking and frying. The Five Guys burger chain and Chick-fil-A are two that quickly come to mind.

Is peanut oil really a healthier choice for cooking, especially when it comes to a fast food type of joint?

lardArchaeological evidence indicates that pigs were one of humanity’s earliest domesticated animals. Few livestock became as widespread and prolific under its influence. This ancient trend continues today with pork comprising nearly 40% of the world’s current meat production. In addition to the meat, lard (along with butter) formed the lipid backbone of European cuisine from castle to corner store for much of its post Roman history.

sunflower oilAs a kid, I remember Summer, baseball, and sunflower seeds. Kids throughout my neighborhood enjoyed munching on this healthy treat during baseball games both in the dugout and in the stands. While most adults don’t eat sunflower seeds like their kids, many do consume sunflower oil even if they aren’t aware of it.

In recent years,

canola oilCanola oil remains one the most popular fats today both at the healthfood store and the supermarket. It is also hands down the preferred cooking oil in the restaurant industry. It has maintained this popularity for nearly two decades.

High in beneficial omega-3 and “Mediterranean” monounsaturated fats, it appeals to those who have superficial knowledge of the importance of healthy fats in the diet.

hemp seed oilIf you google hemp seed oil, you will almost immediately get a positive impression. Search results produce a myriad of glowing accolades including the following: Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil That You Should Know and Ways Using Hemp Seed Oil Will Improve Your Health & Your Life.

saturated fat prevents hair lossPeople today are experiencing hair loss at a rate not seen by previous generations. Even children are starting to lose their hair, especially young boys. Some of us can probably remember a friend who started experiencing a receding hair line while still in high school. In recent years, the problem has gotten much worse,