Breast Cancer Screening has Minimal Benefits

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Finally! The American Cancer Society (ACS) has admitted that its reckless advice to women for the past several decades to have an annual mammogram is not actually in the best interests of health. For an organization that gets millions upon millions of dollars in donations every year, yet has NEVER had a single cancer treatment breakthrough, this is an astonishing admission. I blogged earlier this year about the extreme dangers of mammograms and how the cumulative effects of radiation from this screening test actually CAUSE an estimated 20% of breast cancers!

A single mammogram exposes a woman’s chest to 1 RAD of radiation; that’s the equivalent of about 1000 chest xrays! This admission by the ACS does not go so far as to expose mammograms for what they truly are, a moneymaker for gynecologists and labs, which is a shame. I would have gained a lot of respect for the ACS if it had finally admitted not only that mammograms were of minimal value in extending longevity but also the dangers they posed to the health of women who are cancer free at the time of the screening.

The truth is, a simple breast ultrasound is far safer, more effective, and cheaper! Even a breast thermogram is much more desirable than a dangerous mammogram.

One step at a time. For now, the ACS is now saying that if a woman chooses not to have mammograms, that is a respectable decision based on the risks inherent in the process. As a middle aged woman who should have technically had 12 mammograms already, I am glad that I doubted their claims about the benefits of screening years ago, did my own research, and made my own decision NOT to EVER have a mammogram. Doctors make mistakes folks. And, it always pays to do your own research before blindly accepting a doctor’s advice to have a screening test that potentially can cause the very disease that you’re looking for.
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