Dr. Karen KanEarlier today, I had the opportunity to appear on Dr. Karen Kan’s popular radio show based out of Lake Placid, New York. Dr. Karen is a medical doctor and acupuncturist whose practice focuses on helping her patients resolve chronic illness and pain using an integrative approach that includes functional medicine,

garlic bread recipe, homemade garlic bread

I view bread thusly:  it is the ideal vehicle for getting loads of healthy fats into your children quickly, easily and with no fuss!

We don’t eat a lot of bread in our home, about two loaves per week for a family of five. But, when bread is served, it is loaded with healthy fats to the point where the calories in the bread are far exceeded by the healthy fats it is topped with! 

Exercise excuses

By Fitness Editor Paula Jager CSCS, Owner of Crossfit Jaguar

Several years ago, my life was transformed by traditional diet and consistent and regular physical exercise.  I’ve witnessed the same in more clients than I can count since then which is why I can’t fathom why anyone would choose the path of inactivity and poor nutrition.

iodine supplementationFar from the newcomer on the block, iodine and iodine supplementation have been traditional remedies used by doctors in centuries past as an antiseptic and natural antibiotic.

As far back as 2700 B.C. records show that Emperor Shen Nung used seaweed for the treatment of goiters. Pliny, Vitruvius and Juvenal describe prevalence of goiter in the Alps and use of burnt seaweed for treatment in 40 B.C.

Stop the Monsanto Protection ActYou know things have gotten really bad and tyranny is basically at your doorstep when the legislature of a government that’s gotten far too big for its britches starts passing “laws” favoring a small group of corporations and the patented products they produce without any debate or even a vote.

Sound hard to believe and completely unconstitutional at least in the United States?

tylenol dangersThe vast majority of babies are given Tylenol (acetaminophen) within the first six months of life. It is the go to medicine for modern parents whenever discomfort or fever strikes even very young children and its use is frequently encouraged by many pediatricians.

Now, a major study of over 20,000 children suggests that giving this popular medicine even as infrequently as once per year could have a permanent,

Fast foodI grew up eating a lot of fast food. My Mom didn’t enjoy cooking and so grabbing a quick meal from McDonald’s, KFC, Maryland Fried Chicken (remember that one?), Dog n Suds, A&W, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s or Taco Bell was a regular occurrence for me and my siblings. On average, I probably ate it at least 3 times every single week growing up.

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