Interview with the Dr. Karen Kan Radio Show

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Earlier today, I had the opportunity to appear on Dr. Karen Kan’s popular radio show based out of Lake Placid, New York. Dr. Karen is a medical doctor and acupuncturist whose practice focuses on helping her patients resolve chronic illness and pain using an integrative approach that includes functional medicine, energy medicine, and holistic health counseling.

In addition to a successful medical practice, Dr. Karen is author of the bestselling book Guide to Healing Chronic Pain: A Holistic Approach.  Dr. Karen’s expertise on chronic pain not only stems from her training as a medical doctor, but also her experience healing her own illness holistically which became so painful and severe at one point that she was partially disabled.

Dr. Karen and I talked about food for the first half of the program – ideas for practical preparation of healthy meals for the family, finding decent restaurants in your area to give you a night off when necessary, and just how bad fast food has really gotten (and yes, it’s about to get even worse).

I hope you enjoy Dr. Karen’s show! Since there wasn’t much time for caller questions, feel free to ask below if something comes to mind you would like to discuss or elaborate on.

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