root canal healingThe most popular post I’ve written on this blog is how I healed my child’s cavity using the protocol recommended by Dr. Weston A. Price DDS, a dentist who penned the incredible book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration back in the 1930’s.

Granted, the cavity I healed was an early cavity ..

shrimp and grits recipeWeek 3 of the Challenge:  how are you all doing? I must say I am very impressed with the food logs on Fit Day from those that have been keeping them. That shows a high level of commitment. By the way, if you’re in need of a new menu item, I’m sharing my paleo style shrimp and grits recipe below! 

kerrygold butterI wrote a post awhile back about how you should Trust People, Not Brands. Here is yet another example of why this is true. Check out the picture above. It’s a photo of Kerrygold Butter from the supermarket. Kerrygold, without question, is probably one of the best store butters you can buy.

One of the most frequent email requests I receive is how and what to feed children as snacks.

One thing is for sure, the selection of snacks that pass muster even at the healthfood store is slim! Rancid vegetable oils like canola or soy along with other unhealthy additives such as vital wheat gluten are frequently used even if most of the ingredients are organic.

No doubt emboldened by the recent legislative victory of AB499 in California which allows children as young as 12 to accept vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without parental consent, the CDC seized upon its momentum and announced yesterday a major expansion of the Gardasil vaccine to boys as young as 9 years old.

Today, many hundreds of people including myself are on a raw milk fast in support of, and solidarity with, Michael Schmidt, raw milk farmer and activist from Ontario Canada.

I posted last week about Michael’s character and courage as compared with others such as Judge Patrick Fiedler who would prefer to sell his soul to Monsanto instead of uphold the basic freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution.

stolen itemPop quiz.

What do you think is the most stolen item in the world?




Bread was the first thing that came to my mind perhaps because I love the book and the musical Les Miserables‘. Who can forget Jean Valjean going to prison for stealing bread to feed his sister’s children?

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