“No Food Choice” Judge Lands Job with Monsanto Law Firm

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Patrick Fiedler, the now notorious judge who ruled on September 9, 2011 that Wisconsin dairy owners have no fundamental right to drink milk from their own cows and that people do not have a fundamental right to consume the food of their choice has suddenly resigned from the bench.

Instead of slithering away in shame never to be seen in public again, however, he has not so shockingly reemerged as the recently hired attorney of the Axley Brynelson law firm which defends Monsanto against numerous criminal complaints from across the globe including patent infringement.

Could it be that the Wisconsin Judicial Commission which has been inundated with formal complaints about Judge Fiedler in recent weeks allowed him to resign and save face with no investigation into his lack of judicial professionalism?

For shame if this is the case!

I will remain optimistic that even with Judge Fiedler’s resignation, the Wisconsin Judicial Commission will still pursue an investigation.   Disbarment would not be too severe a punishment given the circumstances of this case.

If you wish to contact the Wisconsin Judicial Commission and insist that Judge Fiedler face the music despite his resignation, you may contact them at (608) 266-7637.

But let’s not end this post in a negative light that leaves you feeling discouraged about the progress of the Real Food Civil Rights Movement.

There is another story to be told.  A story not about a judge with no scruples but about a farmer with astonishing courage.

Canadian Raw Milk Farmer in Third Week of Hunger Strike

Michael Schmidt, Canadian raw milk activist, farmer and fellow Weston A. Price Foundation Board Member, is currently in his third week of a hunger strike that was initiated shortly after a September 28, 2011 appellate ruling which overturned the previous court decision that he did indeed have a legal right to provide cowshare owners with raw milk.

This most recent ruling also convicts Michael on 15 of 19 charges and reverses the lower court’s decision to acquit him.

Michael has been courageously fighting for the fundamental right to provide raw milk to consumers in his local area since 1994 when his farm was first raided by government officials.

Michael is requesting that everyone in support of the Right To Choose Healthy Food organize to a higher level and do the following:

Write to Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, Canada.   Submit your letter by email by clicking here or send a fax to 416-325-3745.

Michael will end his hunger strike if the Canadian Premier agrees to meet with him. 


In addition, take a moment to sign the White House petition to legalize raw milk sales at the Federal level by clicking here.  Less than 700 signatures are required by October 23, 2011 which would force the White House to formally respond to the petition which will raise the profile of the raw milk issue in the public eye considerably.


The petition would also demonstrate that raw milk drinkers are not a fringe element of society but instead regular, hardworking, everyday Americans who simply wish to consume the healthy food of their choice without harassment or interference by the government.


Let’s support Michael at this time of dire need.


Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist.com


The Final Chapter for Michael Schmidt? 


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