School Lunches Are Microwaved FrankenFood

by Sarah Pope MGA | Affiliate linksComments: 26

Did you know that public school cafeterias don’t even have real kitchens anymore?

School cafeteria workers only have access to giant microwaves that quickly heat up the overly processed, factory fat laden, genetically modifed, agricultural dumping ground food they serve.

Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, says that bureaucratic rules require that schools buy food only from the cheapest bidder.

The national school lunch program is nothing more than a dumping ground for agricultural commodities that subsidy supported industrialized farms dispose of on the government.

The sad truth is that only the cheapest, most nutritionless, most highly processed garbage food makes the cut for the school lunch program.

Until changes are made – and there are those valiantly trying to stop this scandal, you MUST pack your child’s lunch yourself. Even if all you can afford in your homepacked lunch is a humble nut butter sandwich with a banana or an apple, it is light years ahead of what your child would be served at school.


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