Surprise, Surprise! CDC Recommends Gardasil for All Young Boys

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No doubt emboldened by the recent legislative victory of AB499 in California which allows children as young as 12 to accept vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases without parental consent, the CDC seized upon its momentum and announced yesterday a major expansion of the Gardasil vaccine to boys as young as 9 years old.

Why is the CDC recommending children so young be vaccinated for the HPV virus?

The cleverly spun answer to this question given by the CDC is that the vaccine is “no longer effective” once a person becomes sexually active, hence the need to vaccinate the very young.

The truth is that the HPV virus is so common in sexually active girls (and overwhelmingly self clearing and not a health issue) that vaccinating them with Gardasil dramatically increases the chance of cancerous lesions by 44.6% (Journal of the American Medical Association).

Hence, the reason for vaccinating very young children with untested, unproven HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) that account for nearly one quarter (24%) of adverse vaccine reactions out of the entire 76 vaccines approved by the FDA!

How is it possible for Gardasil to be untested you say?

Consider the fact that cervical cancer takes 2-3 decades to develop and yet the longest clinical trial for Gardasil was only 4 years in length.   With such a short clinical trial, not only is Gardasil not proven to be safe, it is also not proven to be effective!

The Journal of the American Medical Association (August 2007) says as much, “No significant evidence of a vaccine therapeutic effect was observed in analysis ….”

“It is unlikely that vaccination (with Gardasil) can have a significant beneficial impact ….”

Why then is Merck still so aggressively pushing Gardasil with the CDC now cavalierly recommending it for young boys in the third grade?

If money and greed come to mind, then I believe you have hit upon the most likely answer to this not so difficult question – for those with an IQ at least two points above a napkin that is.


Source:  Sane Vax Inc., Gardasil: Evaluating Risks Versus Benefits

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