childhood anxiety remedied by dietBy Mary Lynch, Kindergarten Teacher

I am writing to share with you a few of the amazing improvements we have seen in our family since we started changing our diets and learning the truth about fat and what is and is not healthy.

We made little changes at first;

sugar addictionSugar addiction is a very real and growing problem that has the potential to steal your health just as much as other more high profile dependency issues. Check out this email from Regina asking for help.

Dear Sarah, I’m sure you get lots of emails every day but I sure hope you can give me some advice.

Asian Supermarket Well, I’m back at it again.

Getting thrown out of a conventional supermarket wasn’t enough fun for me, so this time, I’m going shopping at my favorite Asian supermarket with camera in tow.

What interesting and traditional foods can we find here?


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Consideration of Ancient Wisdom in the maintenance of robust health is more important than ever today with Media Medicine seemingly dominating the wellness conversation at every turn.

Traditional cultures relied on a strong immune system rather than the crutch of antibiotics and other drugs to survive infections and epidemics.   Passing this knowledge on from generation to generation was of critical importance.

The Power of Pilates

by Sarah FitnessComments: 4

By Guest Blogger Paula Jager CSCS

I have written a number of posts on the importance of strength training and metabolic conditioning.   What often gets neglected in the equation of complete health and fitness is our mobility or flexibility.

Of the ten general characteristics of fitness–strength, cardio respiratory capacity,

giving creditThose of you who have been reading this blog for awhile know that I am no fan of Dr. Oz. I even wrote a blog post on his ridiculous show on overcoming obesity a few  months back. Can you imagine recommending to an obese woman to eat lowfat yogurt and edamame as a snack?

slippery elm benefitsThis time of year, tummy aches and stomach bugs seem to run rampant through any group of people where kids are involved! This is a prime situation to make full use of the many benefits of slippery elm.

When someone in my family has a stomach ache or is experiencing any sort of digestive distress (from perhaps eating out or too many sweets at a party),

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