Low Carb Fried Chicken!

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When my husband and I first eliminated grains in our diet a few months ago, fried chicken was one of the first dishes to go out the window.  I recently had the idea to batter the chicken with low carb coconut flour instead of wheat flour. Sometimes you have to wonder why the most obvious things take so long to come to mind.

My family loved it!   They didn’t notice any difference from the wheat flour believe it or not!

I prefer to do much of my frying in expeller pressed coconut oil as it is a wonderful high heat oil that does not lose its integrity and become toxic when cooking with it.  I used big chunks of leftover chicken from the night before when I roasted a whole fryer for dinner.  I seasoned the coconut flour with a few sprinkles of Herbamare and also tossed in a bit with the beaten egg as well.

We Moms all know that the main trick with leftovers is making it look like it isn’t leftovers!   Frying it up this way makes the chicken definitely look fresh and appealing!   The only pitfall is to make sure you don’t cook it too long.   The chicken is already cooked and the coconut flour is done within minutes, so watch it carefully to ensure the chicken doesn’t get dried out.

Low Carb Fried Chicken – or Fish!

Along the same line, I had a casual dinner party for family and friends last Tuesday night and served fried red snapper battered with coconut flour.  The coconut overtones were very pleasant too – reminds me of a seafood joint I used to go to years ago that had the most fantastic coconut fried shrimp I’ve ever tasted!    I held my breath to see everyone’s reaction and heaved a sigh of relief when people starting reaching for seconds!

Fish battered in coconut flour and fried up in coconut oil is simply heavenly served with healthy homemade mayo – mix in some onion powder to taste after you make the mayo to make the most fabulous sauce that goes so very well with fried snapper.   Delicious!

Healthier Frying!

One final plus from frying things in coconut flour instead of a grain flour is that you avoid creating acrylamide.  If you remember, acrylamide is a carcinogen that is formed when you cook any starch at a high temperature.

Given that coconut flour is much higher in fat and protein and much lower in carbs than grains, this problem is reduced to a large extent!

Give it a try yourself and let me know what you think!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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