Soaked Oatmeal: How to Quickly Adjust to the Taste + Video

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One of the trickiest aspects of implementing the traditional method of soaked oatmeal in order to maximize the nutrition, eliminate anti-nutrients, and considerably improve digestibility is getting used to the slightly sour taste.

Some of you are even going so far as to rinse the soaked oatmeal after cooking, for example, in an attempt to lessen that slightly sour taste that some find unpleasant. Unfortunately, these efforts are not working very well for those of you that have emailed me about it.

I’ve got a better idea!

In the video below, I talk to you about the single easy step required to quickly adjust your family to soaked oatmeal.

I also talk to you about the huge benefit to your backside of soaked oatmeal and tell you the story about my 3 kids and their experience eating unsoaked oatmeal versus soaked oatmeal.

If you ever doubted the need for soaked oatmeal before, after hearing this story, you may find that you change your mind!

For those of you who want to take the plunge and prepare your first batch of soaked oatmeal, check out my recipe plus video lesson on preparing overnight oats.

How you cook the oatmeal is the critical step that most people completely miss and which determines how much nourishment and benefit you will actually derive from the experience.

Preparation also determines how long the oatmeal will fill you up.  What good is a bowl of oatmeal if you are hungry again and ready for a donut fix by 10am?

Preparing your oatmeal the traditional way as practiced for centuries by ancestral societies will take a little planning on your part, but you will be greatly rewarded with a much more nourishing, digestible breakfast that will stay with you all the way to lunchtime!

Traditional peoples knew through observation that grains were very hard to digest and caused health problems over time for those who consumed them without careful preparation.

Throwing out those boxed breakfast cereals that are at least twice as expensive per serving and toxic to boot and replacing with a simple, nutritious bowl of soaked oatmeal will also help your food budget considerably with no loss in pleasure or enjoyment particularly on chilly winter mornings!

How to Easily Adjust to the Taste of Soaked Oatmeal

In this short video, I explain how to adjust to the unique flavor of overnight oats without any loss of enjoyment.


Sources and More Information

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