Traditional Remedies for Modern Families

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traditional remedies for modern families book
Some of the most frequent email and social media questions I receive pertain to parents seeking nontoxic, holistically minded alternatives for everyday health challenges both for themselves and their children.

The common theme of these reader requests convinced me quite some time ago that the topic of my next book must absolutely be about natural, home remedies. Today is such an exciting day because I am finally able to announce that this book, Traditional Remedies for Modern Families, is now complete!

In a nutshell ….

Traditional Remedies for Modern Families is a 120+ page compendium of simple solutions to everyday wellness challenges without the use of drugs or toxic therapies. From coughs and colds to digestion, skin, cuts, bruises and allergies, Traditional Remedies for Modern Families covers the gamut of conditions that can effectively and safely be handled at home in the vast majority of cases saving time and money at the doctor’s office as well as immune system damage and other dangerous side effects from the overuse of drug based solutions.

Even more exciting than the fact that Traditional Remedies for Modern Families is complete is that I’ve decided to release it in a manner so that for a few short days, my blog readers can get a copy where it’s essentially free.

Here’s how it will work: coming very very soon, the first few days of Traditional Remedies for Modern Families’ availability will be via the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle which includes over $200 of free bonuses (really good ones that you will actually use … I’ve reviewed the list myself.  I promise!) that are worth many times over the very reasonable price of the bundle itself!

If you would like to be sure not to miss this special launch that will only happen this one time, click here to sign up for updates (no spam ever) plus information on how you can get my new book, $200+ of bonuses, plus dozens of other eBooks, classes and webinars completely and utterly free!  No kidding!

I am very excited about this unique and special way to get this information into the hands of as many people as possible.  Be sure to take advantage!

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

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