bone broth dietWhen I first heard of the Bone Broth Diet, numerous questions immediately came to mind.

  • Is it a GAPS Diet knock-off designed to mend leaky gut?
  • Is it a mirror image of a raw milk cleanse, just using bone broth instead of dairy?
  • Does the Bone Broth Diet detoxify the body or help you lose weight? 

living green memeDo you feel like your life is being encroached upon in all directions by all things artificial?

Do you shake your head at how people so willingly ingest genetically modified foods even though there are no causative, placebo controlled scientific studies supporting their long term safety?

Do you wonder why people so willingly spray pesticides and use chemicals everywhere in their environment including inside their own homes without so much as a second thought?

The Nourished Metabolism ereader

What first struck me upon reading Elizabeth’s short but substantial book, is the clarity of her thinking and communication. In a field where clarity is the exception rather than the rule, The Nourished Metabolism is refreshingly quick and easy to read yet powerful in its ability to cut through the confusion and lead you to clear and practical conclusions you can benefit from immediately.

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