heirloom popcorn kernelWhen it comes to making snacks for my family, popcorn cooked in a healthy fat and sprinkled with sea salt is one of my all-time favorites.

Some folks like to add even more nutrition by sprinkling their bowl of popcorn with brewer’s yeast. This practice is a very tasty way to add lots of B vitamins.

city chicken skewers in a panIt’s might be hard to believe at first, but back in the days of the Great Depression, chicken was hard to come by in the cities. It was so rare, in fact, that when it was available, only the rich could afford it. To compensate, a regional dish known as city chicken became a popular substitute in the urban areas ringing the Great Lakes.

banana fritters on a plateBanana fritters are one of my all time favorite evening snacks while watching a movie or a sporting event on TV.

While I usually make banana fritters with DIY gluten free flour or einkorn, I wanted to share this alternative, grain free recipe that I put together using almond flour for those of you who don’t eat grains.

sweet onion dip with cheeseWhile on vacation with four of my siblings recently, my baby Sis whipped up a homemade sweet onion dip. It was quite possibly the best I’ve ever tasted!

I asked her if she would mind if I shared the recipe, and she said “of course”.

Thanks Beth!

Not only is this onion dip super easy and fast to make,

lentil soup in a bowlWhen it comes to traditional cooking, this lentil soup made with a base of authentic bone stock is one of the most economical as well as satisfying meals I make for my family.

This soup freezes very well in one quart containers. Making a gallon or more and freezing several quarts for healthy fast food on busy days is a very smart kitchen technique which saves time and stress.

gluten free banana bread with butter Gluten free banana bread is the latest breakfast craze around our house. Over the years, I’ve made banana bread and banana muffins more ways than I can count.

Usually, I use einkorn flour, but other times I’ve used coconut flour or almond flour to mix things up and add variety.

veggie burger on a bun

Back in my lowfat eating days, I used to eat a lot of veggie burgers to limit the amount of red meat in my diet.  Thankfully, those days are but a distant memory!

I now know, of course, that grassfed beef is one of the healthiest meats you can possibly consume and I usually eat it several times a week.