chocolate cookie pie crustI consider a chocolate cookie pie crust essential for making certain types of confections. In particular, key lime pie and cream pies turn out absolutely delicious using this type of pastry crust.

I used to purchase an organic chocolate cookie crust that was made with palm oil.

pemmican from grassfed cowsImagine it is five hundred years ago and you find yourself traveling across the northern plains during the winter. Temperatures are well below freezing. Wind is strong. Water is scarce, food even scarcer. What would you eat? Where would you find it? Would it be nourishing enough to sustain you? Native Americans understood and had an answer to this problem,

dry briningYears ago, when our family transitioned to locally raised, pastured meats, we had to learn a host of new skills for how to season and cook them. No more store bought pre-seasoned, saline injected McNugget mixtures for us! Crockpots, marinades, and wet brining became our thing.

The first year we purchased a local turkey,

turkey brine and seasonings in a stockpotWith each passing year, more people seem to be making the effort to source pastured poultry over conventionally processed birds. Several folks in my neighborhood now raise Thanksgiving turkeys in their backyard! Such a cool trend, don’t you think? If eating pastured turkey is something you would like to try this holiday season, it is a good idea to plan to take the time to make traditional turkey brine and soak your bird before roasting.

green tea powder benefits plus a warningAn ancient beverage made with green tea powder is rapidly making inroads within the coffee community. Called matcha in trendy circles, this new “it” beverage is made by sifting a small amount of specially made green tea powder into a cup and then whisking with hot water. Smaller amounts of water can be used to make stronger matcha shots.

bowl of popped sorghumPopcorn is an incredibly popular snack especially in North America. However, for reasons not yet fully understood, corn allergies are increasing which precludes many people from enjoying a bowl even if the popcorn is organic or an heirloom variety and popped in a healthy fat. This is where popped sorghum comes in!

homemade electrolyte replacementA basic skill any health conscious parent needs to know today is how to make an electrolyte replacement when needed. I’ve written before about Switchel, which is a traditional thirst quencher and dehydration prevention drink. But, some people don’t care too much for the flavor of the drink which has water and small amounts of apple cider vinegar as the base.