Raw Milk Fast 2013 (Day 2)

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Day 2 of Raw Milk Fast 2013 went better for some and a little worse for others.  How are you doing? Tired? Hungry? Energetic?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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Paula:  It would have been nice to rest and relax but it was another busy day at the box.  I was not nearly as hungry as yesterday and ended up with just under a gallon; my body has adjusted and my energy levels, digestion and elimination are all working smoothly.  I did a strength workout today–mainly very heavy squats and worked up to 160#–felt great, I followed with some foam rolling, a nice relaxing stretch and about 5 minutes of a decompressing savasana.

Even 5 minutes of deep breathing helps to combat the stressors of the day.  The rest of the day was again very busy with zero downtime.  I got home about 7:45 pm (a little later than usual) but it was so nice to not have to cook dinner.  That is one of my favorite things about the fast–I don’t always realize how much of my time is spent cooking/preparing food.  While I love cooking it is a nice break.  Off to a deep and restorative 8 hours of sleep.  Nite nite.

Richard:   Drank about 6 cups of milk with added tablespoons of raw cream today – the same as yesterday.  This seems to be the right amount for me.  Feeling great overall.  Excellent energy and focus.

Had a small boil emerge on my thigh which is an indication of detoxing going on.   This is a normal occurrence for me during detoxification.  It happened when I had my root canals removed and again when I had my amalgams removed years ago.

The fast is obviously doing its work!

Sarah:   I was relieved that I didn’t experience much if any hunger throughout the day today.   Such a relief after yesterday’s struggle with extreme hunger all day long even though I drank just shy of an entire gallon of raw milk!

No sign that any detoxification is going on though – no headaches or other symptoms of cleansing. Just feel great overall with excellent energy.

My friend Lori came over and gave me an hour and a half massage today at lunchtime. Ahhhh! Totally wonderful.

Rested afterward and took in a lot of milk to provide adequate fluids.  Massage can release a lot of toxins so taking in enough fluids is really important.

Sat out in the sun for awhile during the afternoon as it was such a beautiful day.  Basically took most of the day off and just relaxed which was definitely just what the doctor ordered.

The hardest part about today was making dinner for my kids.  I made barbecue chicken wings plus veggies and the smell was delicious! I think, hands down, the hardest part of a Raw Milk Fast is cooking for others when you won’t be eating any yourself.

I managed to get through dinner hour by sipping on milk the whole time.  Consumed 12 cups for the day.  2 cups were raw goat milk and the rest were raw cow milk.  Hit the hay about 10:20 and slept soundly.


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