How the NO Word is Critical to Preserving Your Health

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Is the United States a free nation?  Most would agree that yes indeed, America is Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

I myself am not confident this is really true anymore and I know many of you reading this would agree.

We have a Federal bureaucracy that has become so large and so powerful that it is literally running amok, trampling people’s rights each and every day in our communities and folks just go about their business like this is normal and ok.

In many states, people can’t even choose to drink milk straight from the cow and yet they can ride motorcycles without a helmet (yes, there is actually a law protecting this “right” in my home state of Florida) or go down to the corner liquor store and buy a case of cigarettes or a bottle of whiskey and drink themselves into oblivion possibly even killing someone with their vehicle on the way home.

Parents are increasingly losing control of healthcare decisions for their children with bureaucrats and social workers deciding what is best instead of the caregivers.  Just a few weeks ago I was told by a so called “holistic dentist” in my area that he required x-rays for every single dental cleaning visit for the children in his practice because if he didn’t, the state would consider it “supervised neglect”.

Does this make sense to you?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that a key skill for folks who wish to remain healthy in today’s environment is knowing how to use the word NO effectively.

NO is truly a beautiful word.  It is many times one of the very first words a baby learns to say much to the chagrin of the parents.

Despite its negative connotations, the NO word can be very positive.  It sets a boundary.  It enforces limits.

NO draws a line in the sand.

If you’ve had trouble with the word NO in the past, you’d better start learning to get good with it.

Here are situations where using the word NO is necessary to health:

1) A state official comes to a privately owned residence or place of business without a warrant and tells you that the people are not allowed to take home the locally produced raw dairy which they have paid for and is rightfully theirs.

Answer: NO, as it appears that you do not have a warrant, please go away and let us go about our business.  If and when you come back with a warrant, we would be happy to talk with you.

2) A TSA agent at the airport says you are required to go through the airport scanners which douse your body in health robbing radiation.

Answer:  NO, I am innocent until proven guilty in America.  I do not have to subject myself to radiation to prove it to you or anyone else.  I opt out.

3) A doctor tells you after a routine blood test that your cholesterol which is 220 is too high and that you need to take cholesterol lowering meds to bring it down.

Answer:  NO, my research tells me that women with the highest cholesterol live the longest.  My Grandfather ate 2 eggs fried in butter every morning for breakfast and never had a heart attack and lived to be 97.  I am going that route thank you.

4) The pediatrician tells you your baby has jaundice and that he needs to be blindfolded and put under lights for several hours a day even though he is only 2 days old and his liver hasn’t even started working yet to break down the bilirubin.

Answer:  NO, I have confidence that this healthy baby will be able to handle the bilirubin on his own when his liver starts to actually work in a couple of days.  I will take him outside in his diaper for brief jaunts in the sun which is what my mother did when I was jaundiced.   I will skip the baby torture treatment thank you.

Have you gotten really good with the NO word?   If not, you’d better start practicing.  Your health may one day depend on it.

Below is one of the best demonstrations I have ever seen on how to effectively say NO to an overzealous bureaucrat intent on trampling your rights in violation of the Constitution of the United States.

You will not believe this video when you watch it.  Welcome to America, Police State.  My jaw was on the ground.  The guy in the video is absolutely brilliant handling immigration officials that have no jurisdiction whatsoever over American citizens when they are not crossing the border and are freely traveling within the United States.  He expertly demonstrates how to handle these people and get positive results with no physical confrontation.

Watch and learn my friends.   What other situations have you experienced that require proficient use of the NO word?

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