Amazingly Effective, Nontoxic Fly Repellent

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fly repellent
Flies seem to be everywhere this time of year. Some people prefer to use homemade fly traps. What if you want to simply repel flies instead of trapping them after they’ve already become a nuisance?

I was out at a local farm just yesterday and the flies were very noticeable and quite annoying as I went about my work. Seeing all those flies reminded me of a simple, non-toxic and very effective fly repellent that I observed in action at one of my children’s field trips a couple of months ago.

The class was visiting a petting farm with a large open barn where donkeys, horses, goats, and other livestock were available for the children to observe and interact with.

Despite so many animals in a small semi-enclosed area, there were no flies buzzing around! Curious, I asked the owner about this, and he pointed to the heavy duty plastic bags partially filled with water hanging over every stall.

He explained that a clear bag of water with a penny at the bottom would repel the flies very effectively. He went on to explain that the “eye” of a fly is actually hundreds of eyes and the reflection of light on the bag of water keeps them away.

“Why the penny at the bottom of the bag?”, I asked.

Grandpa the farmer answered that he wasn’t exactly sure but the penny did seem to increase the effectiveness of the hanging bag of water alone. He added that he didn’t know how many square feet each bag covered so he just put a bag over every animal stall to keep as many flies away as possible.

He also had put up a few bags over the picnic area and it was so nice to be able to eat lunch without flies swarming everywhere!

Try this fly repellant method for yourself!  If you do, please check back and let us know how it worked for you!

Fly Repellent Only Works for Flies

Please note that this fly repellent trick only works for flies, not mosquitoes and other insects. It also works very well for flies in the Southern United States. However, it may not work as well for flies from other geographical areas such as blow flies in Australia.

If you need to repel other insects like mosquitoes, ticks, or horse flies, this article on natural insect repellent can help.

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