red rooibos latteIf you are looking to replace coffee based lattes with something that is naturally caffeine free and absolutely delicious, I would suggest that you try a (red) rooibos latte.

Rooibos lattes are very popular in coffee shops in South Africa, which makes sense given that the rooibos, or redbush, plant is native to that continent.

Yarrow made into a tinctureMy family recently spent the day at the Blizzard Beach waterpark at Disney World. Although we had a great time (I highly recommend Blizzard Beach over Typhoon Lagoon, by the way), the shady spot we chose to leave our towels and cooler seemed to be attractive for a few horse flies as well. I really wished I’d brought along a small spray bottle of yarrow as my Plan B.

residential AMR meter

The adoption of digital technology by power companies over the past ten years has occurred with lightning speed. It has happened so fast, in fact, that it has proven difficult for consumers and businesses to keep pace with the trend in order to secure their right to retain analog meters at their home or residence if desired.

homemade jelloHomemade jello made with unprocessed ingredients is an easy, fast and yummy treat that is the perfect pudding dish to take to cookouts and potlucks. It pleases junk food and healthfood fans alike.

People sometimes get a puzzled look on their faces when I suggest jello as a healthy treat for kids.

We’ll enjoy memorable meals together on the beautiful front lawn of the villa.

Have you ever had an opportunity that you knew would be life changing and would probably never come around again? Even if it was a little inconvenient to make it work, did you go for it anyway?

I had an opportunity like that years ago after I finished graduate school.

all purpose comfrey salveWhen it comes to salves, I much prefer one that will work for nearly all situations and challenges the skin may encounter. This simplifies things considerably and means the kids know exactly what to grab and use when they have a skin problem as opposed to a medicine cabinet full of tubes and jars that they need to fish through to find the right one.

nursing after water birthWater birth has become an established practice in parts of the United States where midwifery is strong and natural childbirth is popular. It is also gaining momentum in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Advocates of water birth say that it is safe, offering Mom drug free pain relief and better oxygenation during labor and a calm,

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