fever bath to speed healingIf there is one thing a parent needs to get comfortable with when raising children, it is a fever. In fact, when an illness doesn’t produce a fever, it can be beneficial to induce one artificially, a process known as fever bath or fever therapy.


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jun Tea is Kombucha ChampagneI was gifted my very first Jun tea culture in recent months from a friend who told me that he seemed to digest it even better than the fermented drink known as kombucha.

I was excited to learn of a ferment made with honey and green tea instead of black tea and sugar,

sugar alcoholsThe growing diabetes epidemic has spawned a whole new industry of alternative sweeteners known as sugar alcohols. Consumers typically view them favorably because they are not artificial like aspartame. These products with low glycemic indexes are aggressively marketed to the overweight and those with insulin problems as ideal sugar substitutes. Why? Because they are derived from natural plant based sources. 

natural treatment for croupCroup, otherwise known as largeotracheobronchits, meaning inflammation of the larynx, trachea and bronchitis, is one of the most common occurrences in children between the ages of six months and three years old. The condition is thought to be an inflammatory reaction to any number of common viral infections.

Croup usually begins with a runny nose,

MCT oil and liquid coconut oil are a scamIf there is one truism in the world of food manufacturing, it is this. If a particular whole food becomes popular with consumers, food manufacturers will figure out a way to adulterate and cleverly market it. The endgame is that the average consumer is fooled into believing that this new fractionated food is “better”

healthy homemade bouillon cubesPeople new to traditional cooking and making homemade broth are frequently surprised to learn that bouillon cubes from the store are a heavily processed food. Without exception, they contain large amounts of processed glutamate or MSG. Even organic brands should be avoided! If you wish to use them, it is best to make homemade bouillon cubes instead.

sourdough crackers with peanut butterNut butter crackers are a favorite snack food for many children. For my family, peanut butter crackers are the fave with sunbutter crackers the distant second place winner.

Unfortunately, the commercial options for nut butter crackers even from organic brands leave much to be desired in the ingredients department. Check out the ingredients list for one highly popular brand of certified USDA Organic peanut butter crackers:


The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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