Mayo Clinic Researchers Cure Cancer with Measles

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measles cures cancer

In 2007, I gave a lecture at an international nutritional conference where I discussed how repression of acute and infectious disease and its symptoms can be a catalyst for chronic, degenerative diseases to take hold like asthma and cancer later on.

For example, when the body “gives up” and a person stops experiencing acute illness even as simple as the common cold, which has a powerful detoxifying effect on the entire physiology, the stage is set for chronic illness. A typical scenario for many cancer patients is that they have not had a cold in years. My Father, who is a retired Geriatrician, used to see this in his practice. One story he tells is of a patient who came in for a physical who hadn’t been sick in years and seemed outwardly to be fine. Tests showed that he had cancer everywhere.

When the body has become too weak to respond to acute illness or generate a good, strong fever in response to an invading pathogen, the toxins build up without any release and the inevitable result is chronic disease sometimes very serious in nature.

Here are some other examples of how repression of acute or infectious disease is simply playing a game of whack-a-mole with degenerative disease just popping up instead:

Reducing a fever in children that is nature’s physiological response to acute illness is very detrimental to their health. Repeated forced reduction of childhood fever has been linked to childhood cancer and a very high risk for asthma And, eliminating fever will usually cause a secondary infection that starts a domino effect toward antibiotic use. In other words, if you want to avoid antibiotics, don’t bring down the fever. Fever reduction suppresses the immune system. Your child is trying to get well himself with the fever and when you bring it down you are opening him up to a secondary bacterial infection that will further entrench the illness. It cannot be stressed enough that fever is a beneficial and detoxifying biological response to illness and has an important role to play in your child’s overall wellbeing.

Nephritic syndrome in children is a condition where the kidneys leak protein. The only known cure for this serious condition is contracting measles—the measles vaccine does not work. Somehow when the child has nephritic syndrome and contracts measles, the acute symptoms resolve the slow, degenerative process of nephritic syndrome.

Cancer remission is frequently triggered by getting strep. Doctors have known about this for years. In some cases, using strep, they have triggered a 40 percent remission rate.

Mayo Clinic Cures Cancer with Measles

Scientific research is now beginning to uncover the manner in which infectious disease plays a role not only in prevention of chronic disease, but in curing it as well.

In May of 2014, the Mayo Clinic published a very compelling report that detailed the complete remission of incurable cancer, multiple myeloma, in a female patient.

The cure?

The measles virus!

In a proof of concept clinical trial, Mayo Clinic researchers demonstrated that virotherapy works by destroying the deadly cancer multiple myeloma with a virus that infects and kills cancer cells but spares normal tissues.

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow, also causing skeletal or soft tissue tumors. This deadly cancer usually responds to immune system-stimulating drugs, but is rarely cured eventually killing almost all patients.

The two female patients in the Mayo Clinic clinical trial received a single intravenous dose of measles virus (this was not a measles vaccine) that was selectively toxic to myeloma plasma cells. Both patients showed a reduction of both bone marrow cancer and myeloma protein. One patient, a 49-year-old woman, experienced complete remission of myeloma and is still clear of the disease many months later.

It is important to note that both women had limited previous exposure to measles (meaning few measles antibodies) and essentially no remaining treatment options.

The second female patient in the study whose multiple myeloma did not respond as well to treatment with the measles virus still provided important feedback for the researchers.  Imaging of the woman’s tumor sites  provided clear proof that the measles virus did indeed specifically target tumor sites while leaving healthy tissue alone.

Oncolytic virotherapy, using viruses like measles to fight cancer, is not new.  It’s been around since the 1950’s. Since that time, thousands of cancer patients have been treated with many different viruses including herpes, chicken pox, and even the common cold.  The breakthrough with this study, however, is that it provides the first clearly documented case of a cancer patient who experienced complete remission at all disease sites after administration of the measles virus.

A larger phase two of this exciting clinical trial is currently being planned. In the meantime? Don’t be so freaked out by measles!  It may yet be proven that these childhood infectious diseases so aggressively avoided by so many are actually beneficial to long term health by natural inoculation, if you will, against degenerative diseases like cancer.

Below is a fun clip of TV shows from the 50’s and 60’s (The Donna Reed Show, 1950, The Flintstones 1961, and The Brady Bunch 1969) which demonstrates the public sentiment about measles at that time.

The verdict before the Big Pharma Marketing Machine for the measles vaccine took over?  Measles is really no big deal.  My, how quickly we forget!

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