bonito flakesBonito flakes are a delicious and extremely fast way to whip up a pot of economical fish stock.

It is wonderful to sip alone or as a base for soup as used traditionally in Japanese cuisine. Here’s what ancient South American proverbs have to say on the matter:

“Fish stock will cure anything

Good broth will resurrect the dead”  

I personally feel that fish stock is a must cooking skill to teach children before they leave home.

Malibu Moms thumb their noses at the vaccine industry.The vaccine industry is beside itself.

College educated Moms in Malibu and all around the Los Angeles area are refusing shots for their children at an accelerating rate.

And, as any trendspotter knows, lifestyle trends that take hold in California typically spread to the rest of the country over time.

best probiotic for your familyThe number of probiotic supplements on the market is nothing short of staggering! Given that the bacteria living in and on your body outnumber your human cells 10 to 1 (American Society for Microbiology), it is clear the great importance of selecting the best probiotic supplement to support and sustain this beneficial microbial activity working synergistically with your biological systems.

At long last, it’s finally happening!

The US Congress is waking up to the criminal, yes criminal, behavior on the part of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and demanding transparency and accountability.

Congressman Bill Posey of Florida (Space Coast), in a courageous act that could threaten his political career,

onion poulticePrior to the advent of antibiotics which came into widespread use by 1940, bacterial infections of any kind were always a serious matter. My father, who was born in 1927, remembers when he was in elementary school that numerous children could be seen with scars behind one or both ears from surgery, called mastoidectomies, 

cavity healsThe compelling article written by Dr. Judene Smith DDS about minimally invasive dentistry and how it ignores how cavities heal really brought out the conventional dentists in droves! It has been awhile since I had to delete so many nasty, insulting, even threatening comments from a single blog post!

A sad testament indeed to how closed-minded and condescending a large portion of the dental community can be even toward one of its own.


By Fitness Editor Paula Jager CSCS

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal Why Runners Can’t Eat What They Want took a serious look at whether chronic exercisers need to concern themselves with diet as it relates to their heart health. 

The mentality that you can run or exercise off bad diet with no ill effects is not necessarily true and sometimes can actually be a contributing factor to worsened health in general.

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