Facebook Changes Again: How to Keep The Healthy Home Economist in Your Newsfeed

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Facebook notifications

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately from fans of The Healthy Home Economist Facebook page inquiring as to why they are no longer receiving status updates from my page in their newsfeed.

Unfortunately, the ability of Facebook pages such as mine to reach fans has been steadily diminishing in recent months due to Facebook algorithm changes.  Now, a new Facebook page design is imminent which apparently decimates Facebook reach even further according to page administrators that have already switched over to the new design.

Select “Get Notifications” From the “Liked” Button Dropdown Menu

It seems that the best way to ensure that you stay connected to the Facebook pages you enjoy is to make sure that you go to that page and select “Get Notifications” from the dropdown box that appears when you click the “Liked” button. The large green arrow in the screenshot above shows you exactly what to click on The Healthy Home Economist Facebook page.

I was informed this afternoon that The Healthy Home Economist Facebook page will be switched over to the new page design within a few days, so I am taking the step of writing a blog post about it so that those of you who wish to continue to receive status updates from The Healthy Home Economist page can select “Get Notifications” in advance of the change.

Liking, Sharing and/or Commenting on Facebook Posts Keeps That Page in Your Newsfeed

Another way to ensure you get status updates is to like, comment and/or share posts from The Healthy Home Economist FB page on a regular basis when you see them in your newsfeed.  Interacting with a page’s posts and/or selecting “Get Notifications” as shown in the screenshot above is the best bet for a smooth transition to the new design with no interruptions.

I hope you find this Facebook tip helpful and let’s all hope for a noneventful changeover to the new page design.  If you have any feedback about the Facebook posts you enjoy most and which ones you find most helpful, please let me know in the comments section.

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