book signing at Wise Traditions

At the Wise Traditions Conference in Atlanta earlier this month, the highlight for me was meeting and greeting folks at the book signing table for the newly released print copy of Get Your Fats Straight.

The process started off on shaky ground as I spent the first several hours of the Conference coordinating with hotel staff as they had misplaced the boxes that contained my books (you would not believe the cavernous holding area behind the scenes of a major downtown hotel)!  

Pill-free, drug-free modality for relief from fibromyalgia and other chronic pain that works like acupuncture without needles.

Flamingos vs garden

If you didn’t know already that there is a war going on all across North America against eggs, dairy, meat and now, even fruits and vegetables produced in a home based or small farm setting, this recent story from my home state of Florida should help jolt you awake.

For the past 17 year,

Starter for Homemade SodaInvestigation of the culinary practices of Ancestral Societies from around the world reveals that nearly all of them utilized various types of fermented foods. This practice assisted digestion, maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria to keep immunity strong.

Of course, these cultures did not understand the science behind the benefits of fermented foods.


By Dr. Kelly Brogan MD

These days, many women embark on conception and pregnancy apprehensive about the potential for postpartum depression or anxiety to descend upon them in those early, exhausting, new baby months.

Since the characterization and treatment of postpartum anxiety, depression, and psychosis remains largely incomplete,

Vaccine Mind Games played by doctors

Did you know that if you are a parent diligently researching the vaccine issue who has questions or concerns that you share with your doctor, you may be labeled as a “VHP”?

That’s right, pediatricians are now sometimes referring to a critical thinking parent as a faceless, nameless acronym when they converse with their colleagues,

ritz crackers noteJust when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, yet another school official shows you that the bottom has not yet been reached (not by a long shot) with regard to bureaucratic overreach and, (shall I say it?) utter stupidity.

This time, at least, it was a Canadian school official who did the honors giving Americans a breather from the action.

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