Mom Fined for Not Including GMO Ritz Crackers in Kids Lunch

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Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, yet another school official shows you that the bottom has not yet been reached (not by a long shot) with regard to bureaucratic overreach and, (shall I say it?) utter stupidity.

This time, at least, it was a Canadian school official who did the honors giving Americans a breather from the action.

The official in question made the blunder of interpreting the Manitoba Government’s Early Learning and Child Care lunch regulations as being violated when Kristen Bartkiw sent her children Natalie and Logan to daycare with leftover homemade roast beef and potatoes, carrots, an orange and some milk in their lunchboxes.

Seems healthy to me.

How about you?

The violation, you ask?

The lunch did not contain any grains!

More specifically, the mother got fined $10 for not packing a “balanced” lunch that included that nutritional giant known as Ritz crackers!

The lunch police decide if a child’s lunch is unbalanced based on the food group proportions outlined in the backside bulging Canadian Food Guide. The child’s lunch is then “supplemented” and the parent fined.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients of Ritz crackers just for grins:

Genetically modified (GMO) soybean oil, GMO sugar (Roundup Ready sugar beets), cottonseed oil (Bt Toxin GMO cotton), high fructose corn syrup (Roundup Ready and/or Bt Toxin GMO corn), and soy lecithin (Roundup Ready and/or Bt Toxin soybeans).

Imagine – fining a Mom for packing a lunch with leftovers from a meal that was actually cooked from scratch (do people actually do that anymore?) but not including a frankenfood made from nearly 100% GMOs, consumption of which numerous scientific studies have demonstrated result in serious physical consequences such as stomach holes and even sterility.

Gotta have those government subsidized GMO Ritz crackers in there or it’s not a “balanced” meal!

Here’s an example of a lunch that would have sailed through as “approved” by this nonthinking official:  microwave Kraft Dinner and a hot dog, a package of fruit twists, a Cheestring, and a juice box.

Consider yourself informed. Fake Frankenfood now trumps homemade Real Food, my friends.

What’s more, you’ll get fined if you think otherwise.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


Parents Fined for Not Sending Ritz in Children’s Lunches

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